Friday, March 23, 2012

What Is A Successful Marriage?

     I have not forgotten my "Better-Body-Steward" series. However, today I desired to write my thoughts regarding a particular subject that was brought to mind while listening to folks discuss it. I would like to talk of how our marriage has been "successful."
     First, I would like to mention the prevailing thought shared for the mechanism of successful marriages. I usually hear that compromise makes for a lasting, successful marriage. Well, I know that I have not yet been married for a decade, (though close!), but from my limited experience I have found that compromising with one another does not bring success. I have found that submission to God has led us to having a "successful" marriage.
     What is my definition of a successful marriage? Well, it is one wherein God is sought, heeded, and adored. By loving the Lord, we are able to show love to one another. We will heed His instructions; i.e., Ephesians 5, Titus 2, etc. When we see what the Lord expects from each of us, and dutifully, willingly, lovingly comply, it is such a sweet haven in which to dwell: indeed, a "heavenly marriage." (Read all about it in "Created To Be A Help Meet!")
     I thoroughly bask in the joys and delights of being married to Dear, especially when I am functioning in my God-given, -ordained, -blessed role of his woman! I know he feels the same regarding his role. We are still learning, still seeking to daily submit our flesh to the Lord's Spirit. What thrill to have a "godly" marriage! That is real success!

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