Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Thursday 7 #8

     Okay!  This is the eighth post for this series!  For me, it has really made me focus on what God is doing in my life, or has done.  I do not wish to take anything for granted.  So, with that thought, what are seven things for which I can thank Him?

  1. I want to thank Him, always and forever, for saving my soul and adopting me as His own.  Many times, I neglect to muse upon that fact, and allow it to flood my soul.  Yet, the times I do sit and ponder these facts, I am overwhelmed by His great love.
  2. I want to thank Him that I have a copy of His word.  It is by His word that I learned of my need of His salvation.  It is by His word that I learn of Him, and what He wants me to know.  When I reflect upon the fact that many souls perished, so that I (and all of humanity) could have a copy of the Bible, in their native tongue, I cannot take it lightly; too often I do, though.  Nevertheless, He reminds me at what precious cost I have received numerous copies of the Bible:  for which I am eternally grateful.  
  3. I am thankful for His mercy in my life.  Oh, how often have I failed Him!  How ever faithful is He!  The fact that my Lord Jesus Christ is interceding for me, right now, is too marvelous for words.
  4. I am thankful to have my Lord Jesus Christ.  Oh, what a friend is He!  What a beautiful Lord!  How tender and compassionate, true and just, loving and kind--how approachable!  Oh, I am blessed to be known of Him, and to know Him!
  5. I am thankful to the Lord, for each day He gives us, and the sustenance He provides.  Many times, I take for granted everything.  Then, I receive reminders that everything should not be taken for granted.  So, remembering that He is the reason I exist, and all that I "have" is of Him:  I thank Him, immensely.  
  6. I thank Him for the reminders to totally rely upon Him.  Nothing can be done right, and definitely not in His Spirit, unless He fills me with Himself.  Indeed, if I desire to produce the fruit of the Spirit, and not the works of the flesh, then I must stay submitted to Him.  I know that the flesh is my daily enemy, in this regard, yet I know that He is more powerful!  Oh, moment by moment, I desire to be yielded to Him.  
  7. I thank Him for the good hymns and spiritual songs, that have been passed down through the centuries.  So often, they do more to explain my heart, than I could otherwise.  There is something about singing "Once For All," "Just As I Am," "All The Way My Saviour Leads Me," "When I Survey The Wondrous Cross," "Redeemed, Redeemed," and countless others, that lifts my soul heaven-ward.  I can pour out my heart to Him.  I can reflect upon Him, as those songs minister to my heart.  What a blessing good music is!
**Would you like to share in this "testimony time?"  Just add your praises, in the comments section below.  I look forward to praising the Lord with you!**

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A New Dispensation

     Like with everyone else, I can see definite distinctions in my life.  My childhood, adolescence, and currently, my young adulthood.  In each one of these dispensations, I can see further divisions:  where I had to learn how to walk, talk, feed myself, clothe myself; where I had to learn from my teachers, learn how to function with people (still learning that one!), greater responsibilities; and now, oh, so much fun...Like, say, paying bills. :)
     Just as in my natural, carnal life, I see distinctions in my Christian life.  Lately, I have been trying to figure out what this newest phase of my life is.  After all, I am in a new area, and pretty much starting over.  There have been many changes in our lives, the past year or so.
     It is taking a bit of an adjustment for me.  For many years, I knew exactly who I was, and what was expected of me.  I knew what roles I filled.  I knew my surroundings, the people, our goals, and more.  Now, it seems like our slate has been wiped clean, and God says:  "Start over."
     Yet, we are taking a bit of wisdom into this next round, that we did not have, years ago.  I am so grateful, too!  What a shame, if we were complete buffoons!
     I know that these are just "growing pains."  I have not always responded well to them, but, I am seeking to do better.  I do not want to fight against the Lord's will for my life.
     For a while, I have been wondering what my specific ministry out here, was.  For many years, I knew my ministry, and loved every minute of it.  My church family was my ministry, (after Dear).  I poured myself into trying to bless those I loved so dear.  I was blessed to have been an adopted auntie to many of the children there; or, an adopted older sister.  Some even adopted me as a second mommy.  :)
     When the Lord decided to change the direction of our life, that meant moving.  That also meant that I no longer was able to minister to my church family, as I once had.  There were parts of it that were devastating to me, yet, always a time of learning and growth.
     So, as I sit and wonder, many days, how best to minister in our new area, I am many times stumped.  As I said in a previous post, God has shown me ways in which to bless; though, I do realize that these are different people, with some different needs/wants.  I know I am not going to be functioning in the exact same way as I did, previously.
     Lately, I believe that God has been showing me what may be the focus of my attention.  I was dumbfounded, and still am, at this "revelation."  No, He did not audibly speak to me, divining some spiritually provocative calling.  Yet, it is a calling of utmost importance:


     To both the shock and awe of Dear and myself, we are parents!  We found out the news, about a month ago.  To say we are flabbergasted, is an understatement.
     Years ago, I shared with you my feelings on being infertile.  Yet, I sit here, today, carrying a child in that "Empty Womb!"  Over a decade of prayers and tears, and we are stunned!
     We are stunned, because for years, we were accustomed to not being with child.  Ever.  Not once.  Now, in our new home, for whatever the reason, God has opened my womb.  How can I adequately convey my thoughts and emotions to that gift?
     Every day, moment by moment, I am praying to Him.  I am no better than another, who has suffered through infertility.  I know it is not based on merits.  No one is worthy--I get that fact.  Yet, to say I am humbled, is another understatement.
     What a task before us!  The absolutely only way we will do well with this child, is by Jesus leading us all the way.  Oh, what an honour!  I cannot fathom that He saw us worthy!
     I do not know what lies ahead for us.  I pray that the child and I safely journey through this pregnancy, and ensuing delivery.  Even more, I pray that Dear and I bring up this child to know, love, and cherish our most amazing Lord Jesus Christ.
So, I do ask for your prayers.  

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Thursday 7 #7

     It has been what feels like too long, since I last sat down to write in my blog.  To be honest, sometimes I just do not know what would be worthwhile to write.  I kind of need to be in the "mood."
     So, now that I am in the "mood," it also happens to be when I typically write out seven things, for which I can give thanks to God.  Coincidence?  I think not.  God always seems to know, *wink-wink*, how to motivate me.
So, what are the seven things for which I can thank Him, this week?

  1. That my beloved uncle, is finally HOME.  He passed away, early Sunday morning.  Though I cannot be there today, as they lay his body in the ground, I think of those who will be there.  I am thankful that I could call this man my uncle.  He was quite the example of gentleness and kindness.  
  2. That I can turn to Christ for comfort.  So many things occur in life, that is out of my control.  If I keep communicating to the Lord, and keep trusting Him, I will find that comfort I need.  So often, the devil wants me to live in fear; and, I can be an easy prey.  Yet, when I submit to the Lord, the devil flees.  Oh, what comfort, indeed!
  3. That Christ is teaching me that He is my truest friend.  I know I have said it, numerous times.  I have heard others say it, too.  Yet, when I ponder all He is to me, and what He has done, it is an overwhelming understatement.  I find that "friend" is not strong enough a word, yet a very apt description.  
  4. That God blessed me with a surprise in the mail this week.  The Fed Ex man showed up at my home, and gave me this medium-sized box from "The Republic of Tea."  Now, I enjoy tea, but do not remember ordering from them.  When I opened the package, I soon discovered that someone had decided to bless me with some delightful gifts from this company!  Not only were the items a blessing to me, but the very thought.  It was given to me on a day, too, when the Lord knew that I needed a lift in my spirits.  Indeed, it cheered my heart!  Thank you, sweet sister!
  5. That God is letting me rest, when I need it.  I do not want to take it for granted.  I know I will not always be able to nap when I want/need; so, I enjoy it now.
  6. That God has given me the husband I have.  Not always do I keep that mindset within me; but, God is faithful to right my wrong thinking.  He reminds me that we both are sinners, who have been washed by His Son's precious blood.  He reminds me of all the good I have received, because of Dear.  Do I want to live a life of complaint, or thanksgiving?  It is not easy, to have a good marriage--but, the effort and reliance upon the Lord, is worth it all.
  7. That God is who He says He is.  That He does what He says He will do.  That I get to call Him, "Father."
Alright, now it is your turn!  What are seven things for which you can give God praise?  Share them below! :)
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