Thursday, March 29, 2012

Better-Body-Steward, Days 24 & 25 AND Dear's Birthday!

Today is Dear's birthday, (or, as my mom sometimes calls it, "birf-a-day"). I am always delighted, and more so each year, to be paired with him along life's journey. This year is especially precious to me, because we have experienced such growth and changes in such a short amount of time already. We are more and more growing into oneness. We are about 99% of the time on the same page; knowing one another's thoughts, feelings, and decisions intimately well. I can think of few times of late where we were off-kilter. I thank God every day for Dear, and for our marriage. Though we still have disagreements, misunderstandings, and quirks, marriage grows sweeter and more precious each passing moment. I am truly blessed beyond measure to get to be with my man! I gave him some presents early, and the rest today. He enjoyed them all, and it blessed my heart to be able to bless him. We had a nice dinner together, enjoying our favorite food thus far: Thai! Time with your best bud, your 'til-Christ spouse, is always wonderful. As far as exercising goes, I have by the grace of God kept at it. I still see an increase in reps and endurance, and always try adding another activity. I have not seen a big drop in weight as of yet, but toning and fluidity. I am seeing also my long-lost muscles regaining their strength. Praise God for His work!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Better-Body-Steward, Days 20-23

Hello everyone! Today has been such a nice day. Relaxing, yet productive. Plus, Dear has something else up his sleeve for me... As far as my daily exercising, I have been blessed of the Lord to have been able to keep at it. After I finish this post, I plan on doing today's exercising. :) I was at the zoo most of the day Saturday. We spent around five hours walking around that place, on the first sunny, mild spring day. It was a lovely excursion, and Dear had a blast! It was his spontaneous decision, since receiving some birthday money. We called folks to see if they wanted to meet at the zoo, too. There were a few others who were able to attend, making it a nice, casual event. :) Sunday I did no exercising, as I have noticed on each Sunday. I do not mind, considering it is one of our most active days. I enjoy the rest. Yesterday and mMonday I was able to get back into the swing of things, and did my normal exercise routine. I have noticed small changes: slightly toner, more endurance, more flexibility, more energy, less sugary cravings. I really appreciate the Lord's work in my life! Now, I must start making other things non-habitual; i.e., indulgences, late meals, etc. I will get there, by God's grace!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Better-Body-Steward, Days 16-19

See, I told you I did not forget! :) So, on to the rest of this week's activities. Tuesday and Wednesday saw me faithfully exercising, with increase in reps and endurance! I was SO incredibly thankful for the Lord's work in me for it! I have truly noticed a difference in my body's functioning. :) Yesterday I did not exercise. I could have, and that I know right well. However, yesterday was a struggle for me, health-wise. Dear allowed the break, considering what I am experiencing this particular week. Today, I did the usual housework for M. That, plus some housework here, has consisted od my activities thus far. However, the gorgeous day is still not ended, so who knows? I may have enough energy and time to do some exercising. I know tomorrow I should!

What Is A Successful Marriage?

     I have not forgotten my "Better-Body-Steward" series. However, today I desired to write my thoughts regarding a particular subject that was brought to mind while listening to folks discuss it. I would like to talk of how our marriage has been "successful."
     First, I would like to mention the prevailing thought shared for the mechanism of successful marriages. I usually hear that compromise makes for a lasting, successful marriage. Well, I know that I have not yet been married for a decade, (though close!), but from my limited experience I have found that compromising with one another does not bring success. I have found that submission to God has led us to having a "successful" marriage.
     What is my definition of a successful marriage? Well, it is one wherein God is sought, heeded, and adored. By loving the Lord, we are able to show love to one another. We will heed His instructions; i.e., Ephesians 5, Titus 2, etc. When we see what the Lord expects from each of us, and dutifully, willingly, lovingly comply, it is such a sweet haven in which to dwell: indeed, a "heavenly marriage." (Read all about it in "Created To Be A Help Meet!")
     I thoroughly bask in the joys and delights of being married to Dear, especially when I am functioning in my God-given, -ordained, -blessed role of his woman! I know he feels the same regarding his role. We are still learning, still seeking to daily submit our flesh to the Lord's Spirit. What thrill to have a "godly" marriage! That is real success!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Better-Body-Steward, Days 12 - 15

This weekend went in a flash, and I do believe this week will, as well. We were treated all weekend long! Friday, a friend wanted to take us to dinner. So, after cleaning & communing with M, Dear, M, our friend I will dubb "K," and I went to a fabulous Thai restaurant! It was my first time trying duck, and it was delicious (M let us try her dish). I had the spices Japanese eggplant dish, which never disappoints. :) I did not exercise Friday, but stayed active with house chores, as I surmised. Saturday I was able to exercise, and saw an increase in my reps and endurance! It also saw me being delivered dinner by a couple friends who wanted to spend time with us at home! Yesterday saw Dear and I busily involved with our church. Last night saw the beginning of a special meeting that is lasting through Wednesday. Dear's father and stepmother took us to lunch, and I came home long enough in the afternoon to grab the food stuff that I was making for the dinner following the evening service. After the service and dinner, we took our friend K to his work an hour away. On our way there, we experienced sleet, snow, snow/rain mix. On our way back home, we experienced slightly icy roads, snow, snow/rain mix, and saw some accidents. No sign of it at home today. No exercising was accomplished yesterday, but lots of activities! Today I stayed curled up in my warm, cozy room for way too long. Once I got going, I started the usual morning chores, had a late breakfast/early lunch. Doing more chores, I enjoyed more peace seeing order established. After ordering Dear's birthday gift, receiving a call from Mom that my sister, S #2, received her birthday card and gift, having my devotional, I did exercising! I saw an increase in reps, endurance, and additions to my routine. I added push ups, and another form of sit-ups. I ended up exercising over 30 minutes, including my warm-ups and stretching! I have only God to thank!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Better-Body-Steward, Days 10 & 11

Yes! Two days in a row of exercising! I was able to increase reps, too! Praise the Lord! I have found a time of day that I really enjoy exercising, and it happens to be the time of day when naptimes occur. I would like to incorporate exercise in the AM, but currently tend to only do stretches, when I remember. I am truly thankful for getting in exercise each day. I know it may not seem like much, but since this form of exercise was not instilled in me, save in school, it has been a battle every day. Yet, each day I see that God is good and faithful to me. ;) Today, I would like to share praise to God not only for getting me exercising, but also for a text-later-turned-into-a-phone-call from a blessed sister-in-Christ. She did not know, but she had been on my mind for some time, and I am going through some rough things right now. I tend to keep my battles to just God, Dear, and myself. I do not like broadcasting them and appearing self-centered, tend to not feel safe sharing my heart with everyone, or to have a woe-is-me attitude (even if I am feeling that way--only God and Dear put up with me like that well, because they do not tolerate self-pity, but encourage me to pull up the boot straps and keep going; as well as giving me the right perspective and counsel). Her visit with me today, a God-send, was an incredible blessing to me! I also want to give God praise for Dear. He has used him in my day today to calm my heart, give me direction, reaffirm the truth to me, and pray with me; all while he was working. I do not deserve that man, but am so glad he is mine! Tomorrow, I hope to either get up super early to exercise, or exercise when I get home from helping my friend, M. We shall see! If I do not, I will be counting the day's house activities as my "workout.". :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Better-Body-Steward, Days 8 & 9

Monday was a fruitful exercising day! That day saw me not only have energy and will to exercise, but I was also able to increase reps in all the things I did! All thanks to God! Unfortunately, yesterday was an "off" day. For whatever reason, I was off kilter; even taking a nap on the couch during the afternoon. When I got up, I was still out of it. I did not do any exercise. Looking back, had I done some exercising, I probably would have helped myself get kick started. Lesson learned. Today, I have been keeping up with chores, and am about to leave to get Dear from work. I hope when I return that I will exercise. I wish I would get myself out of bed in the AM at the desired time, then I would have the time for it, and more. Please pray for the Godly aid I need to do so.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Better-Body-Steward, Days 6 & 7

Well, Saturday and Sunday came in a flash! Even though our Saturday was relatively low-key, (for us), we still were active. After delivering Bible studies with our church to a local area, we later visited his dad and had dinner out-of-town with lovely company, (though it was a late dinner!). In between those activities, Dear and I had some productive, relaxed, and precious time together. Sunday saw us pretty active, too, as usual. :) We were able to take one of the young ladies from our church to a birthday lunch, and had a blessed time of it! I do believe she became better-acquainted with our and one of our buddies' (who joined us) goofiness. Hahaha! Unfortunately, other than the business of errands, regular activities of that particular day, and home duties, I did not perform a scheduled exercise. However, I plan on today getting right back into the routine; I cannot give up! Thank you for all your prayers, encouraging words, and perspectives. It is helping!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Better-Body-Steward, Day 5

Yes, today is "Day 6" of my stewardship plan. However, the day is not over, so I still have time to get some exercising into my day. :). Today, I desire to share of yesterday's doings. I did not do the "normal" exercise routine I have established for myself. Yesterday, my day was full of house chores for a friend I assist each week. After a few hours of that activity, I had to run out-of-town to do some grocery shopping at Costco. (What would I do without that blessed store? After that expedition, Dear and I had dinner, at a local diner, since I was pooped by all the activity of the day. By the time we got home, it was after six in the evening, (I left home @ 7:30 AM), and we stayed up only a few more hours, then went to bed. So, this time I am counting my activities of yesterday as my "exercise." In case you are concerned, I am planning on doing my normal routine today. :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Better-Body-Steward, Days 3 & 4

Hello, accountability people! Hello, world! Here is the regimen for the last two days: DAY 3 Nothing. . Yes, that is correct. I did not stay faithful to being a better body steward. DAY 4 I exercised! I did the same routine as I have mentioned earlier, just seeing if I can up the reps, and doing so if possible. It took me a while to build up the wherewithal in my mind to exercise, but by my Lord's good grace, it happened! Praise Jesus! I want to extend my thanks to those in prayer, battling on my behalf as I battle this sin in my life. I realize that I did not get here overnight, so I know I will not be "x" pounds lighter overnight. I do know, however, that each day I faithfully battle through my Lord Jesus is a day wherein I honor and worship Him!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Better-Body-Steward, Day 2

I just finished with today's exercises. I did not really want to do them today; I was going to excuse myself by having a "lack of time.". However, as my dear friend Gail reminded me, that reasoning is no excuse. ;) I did do some home chores today, that encouraged me to exercise my body: bending, squatting, lifting, etc. I was glad to be able to implement those things in my daily activities. I always reminisce of my youth, when daily chores and play kept me "in shape." Well, today, I got to do some "getting in shape" activities that were productive in more than one way! However, I knew I needed more activities today. I needed to do my exercising for God's sake, my sake, and for those lifting me up in prayer and/or keeping abreast of my journaling of my daily work outs. Aah, yes, accountability. :) I did the same exercises as yesterday, adding only a bit more reps, as I could handle. I also added some more activity to tone my arms. Tomorrow, I'll be doing some more things, suggested by Dear. I have to "move it, move it!" Today also saw me using my homemade vinegar to clean some walls and glass doors. I loved the results! All natural cleaning, and so inexpensive! I found some recipes for some other products I desired to make. I found and have now successfully used homemade carpet freshener and deodorant. Both are inexpensive, and ease my mind in regards to our health. When I have time, I will gladly share the recipes with you. Alas, dinner and a hungry Dear await. 'Til tomorrow!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Better-Body-Steward, Day 1

     It is getting late, and instead of sleeping my mind desires to write. So, here I am, blogging. Oh, thank you, brother, for lending us your IPad! There are many things of which I desire to write, but unfortunately time escapes me. Also, some of those topics I wish to journal necessitate study.      However, tonight, I will be speaking of something of importance for my life. I have always failed in the area of bodily-upkeep. I am not one who derives pleasure in exercising, unless it is in the form of play or house/yard work; e.g., kickball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, tag, "Lemonade" (for us girls), home renovations, chores, etc.
     Yet, I should use the equipment and tools collected over the years for such a purpose as exercise, rather than letting them be safe havens for the illustrious dust bunnies. I remember gym class from my school days, and what we did. I have tried to dust of the memories of those tasks in my mind, and put them to good use, too.
     However, as is all too common with me, I am unfaithful in being habitually-inclined in exercising. I have gotten as far as a month, or two, of regular exercise in the past since enlisting in Titus 2:5. Then, for no other reason than lack of discipline and determination on my part, I stop.
     Thus, tonight's journaling. I have tried, privately, journaling my food habits; and of course failed in that practice. I want to do something a bit different, though, here on my blog. I want to enter, daily for at least one month, my workout routine; or, something like it. I believe this practice will keep me accountable to God, myself, and all of you.
     It may be some of you will be out there praying for me to keep at it, have the right frame of mind, etc.; I may have folks out there wanting to see if I will stick to it, or fail, as always (I know I have been guilty of this iniquity, too). Maybe this journaling will be an encouragement to others with the same failures. Who knows all the ways this monthly journal will be of an impact, one way or another?      All I do know is that it is making me accountable, right now. So, to start it off right, I am going to share that today, I did some exercising! By God's good grace, I got my bottom out of my comfortable seat and down on the floor to do some stretches. Coupled with some warm-ups, squats, sit-ups, and some *static exercises, I am starting this week with better care of the body God gave me. (*If I spelled it correctly, static exercises are exercises dealing with tension. For example, I laid on the ground, then lifted only my feet off the ground a few inches, and held them up for as long as possible; then, gently brought them back down, and repeated a few more times. I had to use my core to keep them up, and it is not as easy as one may think, especially for as out of shape as I am!) After all my exercise time, I stretched a little more, then continued about my day.
     I do hope to employ playing games and home/yard work into my exercising; I am sure the Lord will help me do whatever I can and need to do! Well, there we are. DAY 1 of my 1-month journey into being a better-body-steward.
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