Saturday, March 10, 2012

Better-Body-Steward, Day 5

Yes, today is "Day 6" of my stewardship plan. However, the day is not over, so I still have time to get some exercising into my day. :). Today, I desire to share of yesterday's doings. I did not do the "normal" exercise routine I have established for myself. Yesterday, my day was full of house chores for a friend I assist each week. After a few hours of that activity, I had to run out-of-town to do some grocery shopping at Costco. (What would I do without that blessed store? After that expedition, Dear and I had dinner, at a local diner, since I was pooped by all the activity of the day. By the time we got home, it was after six in the evening, (I left home @ 7:30 AM), and we stayed up only a few more hours, then went to bed. So, this time I am counting my activities of yesterday as my "exercise." In case you are concerned, I am planning on doing my normal routine today. :)


  1. Great Job Renee! I love to walk a lot of extra steps every chance I get. I often times have my husband drop me at the stoplight so that I can walk extra or even walk from a different store a mile extra is often times just what I need to keep me feeling well. Walking is a great stress relief :) and a Great form of exercise!

  2. I'm pretty sure you can count house cleaning as exercise ;)

  3. Thank you, sisters! If I haven't told you lately, I'm so glad we're family!


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