Monday, March 19, 2012

Better-Body-Steward, Days 12 - 15

This weekend went in a flash, and I do believe this week will, as well. We were treated all weekend long! Friday, a friend wanted to take us to dinner. So, after cleaning & communing with M, Dear, M, our friend I will dubb "K," and I went to a fabulous Thai restaurant! It was my first time trying duck, and it was delicious (M let us try her dish). I had the spices Japanese eggplant dish, which never disappoints. :) I did not exercise Friday, but stayed active with house chores, as I surmised. Saturday I was able to exercise, and saw an increase in my reps and endurance! It also saw me being delivered dinner by a couple friends who wanted to spend time with us at home! Yesterday saw Dear and I busily involved with our church. Last night saw the beginning of a special meeting that is lasting through Wednesday. Dear's father and stepmother took us to lunch, and I came home long enough in the afternoon to grab the food stuff that I was making for the dinner following the evening service. After the service and dinner, we took our friend K to his work an hour away. On our way there, we experienced sleet, snow, snow/rain mix. On our way back home, we experienced slightly icy roads, snow, snow/rain mix, and saw some accidents. No sign of it at home today. No exercising was accomplished yesterday, but lots of activities! Today I stayed curled up in my warm, cozy room for way too long. Once I got going, I started the usual morning chores, had a late breakfast/early lunch. Doing more chores, I enjoyed more peace seeing order established. After ordering Dear's birthday gift, receiving a call from Mom that my sister, S #2, received her birthday card and gift, having my devotional, I did exercising! I saw an increase in reps, endurance, and additions to my routine. I added push ups, and another form of sit-ups. I ended up exercising over 30 minutes, including my warm-ups and stretching! I have only God to thank!


  1. That was very productive! I love the theme to this project. We all need to be better stewards of everything, but so often stewardship is associated with money. This is a great reminder for other areas of our lives, too.

  2. Thank you, Monica! I find that I am learning good stewardship from every angle, always! Never a stagnant moment 'round here...I think of you often, and pray for your motherhood journey!


"Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man." Colossians 4:6

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