Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Book Lovers, Look Over Here! Give Away Time!

     Remember the book I reviewed, “The Sparrow Found A House?”  (You can read my book review of it here.  Or, just go to "E-Book Freebies," in my tabs section.)  Well, there has been a sequel made.  Let me tell you, you want to read it!
     I was blessed with the opportunity to review the latest book by author Jason McIntire, entitled “Flight School.”  I am ever so glad I did, too!  Once I was able to get started reading this newest addition, I found myself completely immersed in it.


     As I have learned, this author is adept at doing God great honor in his writings.  As I read this newest novel, I could not help but contemplate my own self.  “Watching” the characters’ interactions; “peering” into their thought processes; “waiting” to see what they would/would not do…All made me consider my own thoughts and deeds.  I cannot help but think that any person reading this story would be affected in the same manner.
     I enjoyed seeing the maturity of the youthful characters.  To “watch” them grow up in the book, having to make more difficult decisions, was quite intriguing.  Also, seeing the stability of the adults from the previous novel, was a comfort.  The addition of a couple new adult characters definitely created more depth to the reading.
     It was delightful, and refreshing, to once again read a fictional book that I could see take place in real life.  In a gifted manner, Jason McIntire showed the realities of sin, without dishonoring Christ.  He also showed the blessings of walking in the Spirit:  which, many times, does not carry with it tangible blessings; but, we are blessed, nonetheless, when we do so.
     To say any more would be to give away the premise of this book…Which I do not want to do!  I really want you to read it!  I know you will not regret it! 
     Whether you want this book for yourself, or for the youth in your care, I highly recommend it.  Though this book would be very beneficial to the youth at home, no one is too old to learn, grow, and be entertained in a good manner.  I will definitely be adding this book to our collection at home (especially now, since the Lord has blessed us with our first child!).

...Well, there is more...

     In honor of this book release, they are giving away four copies of it!  If I were you, I would definitely be entering for a chance to win one!  Here is where you can sign up:

Have a Kindle, or the Kindle app?  Want a copy now?  You can get a one for $2.99.  Click here for the Kindle version on Amazon!

Want a printed version, instead?  You can get the 256-page copy for $9.99.  Click here to get the print version on Amazon! 

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