Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Just A Normal Day In My Life

     Well, I finally got rid of my Myspace account.  I decided on Sunday that I would; and deleted it on Monday morning.  It was definitely a hindrance to my walk with the Lord, and I already have other things that hinder me:  why purposely do so with such a toxic website?
     So, now I am trying to do better with my walk.  Believe me, it is a work-in-progress; but one for which I am willing to fight and struggle, (struggling due to my old flesh here).  God definitely is good to me, though.  He has been patient, kind, and gentle, (among other things), with me through all of this "weeding."
     Amongst other news, Dear and I are looking forward to a trip next month. It will only be for the weekend, but something we feel is needed and definitely appreciated.  Closer to the present, we have a wedding to attend this weekend for one of his cousins.  Then after that event, we have quiz night at church on Sunday, which is definitely a lot of fun!
     In September, our church will be starting up a Bible Institute.  We both want to attend, but I think it is geared more towards men, so they can get the education for becoming pastors.  I am sure there are some courses that women can attend.  I will just have to ask.
     Well, other than those things, not too much is going on around here.  We do stay pretty active with the church nowadays, as well as the normal everyday chores.  Nothing too exciting!
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