My Testimony

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     I realized I needed the Saviour, Jesus Christ, when I was twelve years old.  I had heard, for many years, the Gospel:  that He had lived (a perfect, sinless life), that He had died (to pay the sin debt of mankind), that He was buried for three days and nights, and that He arose on the third day (proving His divinity!).   However, my heart would not claim Him as my own Saviour, until I was ministered unto by a movie series, depicting the rapture and "time of Jacob's trouble."
     With those videos, I saw what could happen to one, who did not "get right" with God; meaning:  who never put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ, to save their souls from Hell and the Lake of Fire.  For whatever reason, God allowed this ministry to be what was the final push in my life, drawing me to my knees before Him.
     Not wanting to risk another moment, unregenerate and unforgiven, I fled to Him!  I recognized my danger (a devil's Hell), and my need (Jesus Christ).  Oh, how glad I am, too!  God gave me all I asked, and more!  By believing Him, repenting, and trusting in Christ to save my soul, I became His blessed child.  What amazing grace, indeed!
     Now, granted, I have not always done well, since that moment.  Many times, I fall.  It is shameful; especially since I have given the enemy opportunities to blaspheme my Heavenly Father's name, through my behaviour.
     I am constantly in need of Christ.  I needed Him that moment, long ago.  I needed Him yesterday.  I need Him today.  I will need Him tomorrow, too.  
     Oh, how wonderful it is to know, and be loved, by God!  How grateful I am, too, that He honors His Word!  I have been given eternal life, because of it.  How blessed is the name of Jesus!

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