Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Satisfaction In God's Design

     As I often do as I nurse my newest little blessing, I muse upon the gift of motherhood that God has given me.  It never dulls in my sight.  I constantly am in awe that I get to fulfill this desire of my heart!

     Yet, I cannot help but think of the fact that many women look upon my lot with thoughts of drudgery and woe.  Too many women see being a keeper at home as a prison, rather than a place of freedom.  In our culture, particularly, to have any young girl declare that her ultimate "dream job" would be the very one for which God designed women:  to be wives and mothers...Is nothing more than she not realizing her "full" potential.  To such thinking, I say "hogwash!"

     How could it be considered "lowly" for us women to desire God's specific design for us?  Why is staying at home, to care for our husband and child(ren), looked upon with disgust, or pity?  Why do folks believe that a woman is not excelling in life, if "all she does" is tend to her home life?

     I do believe the root lies with the enemy of God:  Satan.  From the beginning of the creation of man, he has sought to pervert the image of God, destroy all that God loves, and remove any adoration given unto the Most High.  Since the Bible declares in Titus 2:3-5, "The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed," what better way to draw women away from such behavior, than to entice with worldly ambitions?

     By showing us women all that glitters, all that we could have, and all we could be, if we only "applied ourselves..."  Well, it could all (or, quite a bit of it) be ours!  Just as advertisements are designed to whet our appetites, Satan does a good job of tempting us with thoughts of "better things."  We must use discernment, to know when a "good" thing is of God, or of the devil.

     The fact that so many women are not being trained in preparation of marriage and motherhood, but rather secular careers as the chief goal to reach, is not surprising amongst a world with a philosophy totally against the Lord.  However, to see this same philosophy so rampant amongst Christians, is saddening.  So much unnecessary stress, from the confusion and purposeful neglect to the design God has set for the home, is caused.

     I speak from personal experience.  Until I learned and submitted to how God desired me, as a married woman, to conduct myself, there was too much stress and dissatisfaction in my life.  I was going contrary to how He created me to be.  Once I decided to stop seeking vain recognition and success, and simply rested myself in the clear command to be a keeper at home, there was peace in my soul and home.

     Giving of myself to my husband and children may not seem as much in the eyes of many.  Would it change people's opinions if I earned an income for doing so?  Folks praise schoolteachers, yet show disrespect for the parents who take upon themselves the challenge, and delight, of educating their children.  If a woman is the secretary for a CEO, she gains respect.  If she does secretarial duties for her husband, at home, she is nothing more than a yawn. 

     Now, I would like to mention something here:  I know that there are times when a wife is placed into a position wherein she is unable to fulfill this command.  Perhaps her husband is ill/hurt, and unable to provide.  It may be that she is widowed.  Those times are the exception, not the rule.  I know that there are wives who are in the workforce, who long to be home, and are currently unable to do so.  For you, dear sister, I pray that the Lord would work out the situation you are experiencing, that you can once again be at home.

     Some women are simply ignorant to the truth.   They have the innate desire to marry and bear children, not realizing that God has indeed declared those desires to be good and right in His sight!  Instead of being encouraged in and equipped for those God-given desires, they are ushered into the philosophy of this world:  get a career before ever considering marriage and/or children.

     Ladies, there is no shame, none whatsoever, in pursuing God's design for us!  How could our Creator, who designed us to be wives and mothers, be displeased with us wanting to fulfill those desires of being married to a God-fearing man, and raising children with him?  It would be illogical to think that He would be upset with us for going according to His plan.  (Genesis 1:26-28; Psalm 113:9; Matthew 19:4-6; 1 Timothy 5:14; Titus 2:3-5)

     Many people may bring up money as a reason for me needing to work outside the home.  We do seek to be wise with what provision we receive, though we have room for improvements.  My staying at home with the children is one way of doing so.   

     We learn to "make do."  Knowing that I do not need the shiniest, fanciest, "best" things in this life, has brought me contentment with what I do have.  When I choose to turn my eyes from those temptations, I can take better stock of our possessions.  Perhaps we do need to replace something, or acquire it.  When I take those requests before God, I can guarantee He will meet our needs.  It may be that He shows us how to fix what we have, or get it secondhand.  Sometimes a gift arrives from someone, that meets a need they never even knew we had...But, God did.  There are those times that Dear gets more hours at work, which in turn provides the extra funds for that need.  However He does it, I have never seen God fail at providing for us.

     Ladies, I say all these things for this purpose:  it is good, and right, to have a heart for God's will for our lives, and live accordingly.  We need not apologize for it, or seek the world's approval of it.   Quite honestly, the world will never give it; for, the woman who finds satisfaction in the design God has set, is at odds with them.  They are unable to submit unto God, whereas we find delight in submitting unto Him.  Quite opposites. 

     Remember when you are tempted, dear lady, to leave your home in pursuit of vain treasures and goals:  there is no greater goal than pursuing God and His ways, and no greater treasure than Christ Himself.  When we set our hearts upon Him, we will once again have hearts yearning to please Him, John 14:15.  We shall quickly see the great riches of our homes, and the magnificent goals of making them a place where He is loved and honored.  We shall be satisfied in Him.



Sunday, June 17, 2018

To My Children's Father On Father's Day

     Once again, I am delighted to celebrate Father's Day, in honor of my husband.  I am grateful for the childhood memories with him in the making for our wee ones.  By God's grace, they will have a right perspective of what it means to have a loving father.

     My children are blessed with a father who loves them.  In the scorching summer heat, he labors to insure that their needs are met.  Though tired from a strenuous work day, he is prepared to play with his son, or give mama's arms a reprieve from holding a teething girl.  He chooses them, over himself, daily.  He desires their hearts.

     He sings to them from a soul full of worship unto our God.  He prays over them, desiring God's best for them.  He readily shares the glorious truths of God to their attentive, and easily distracted, ears.

     He is ever prepared to be tackled by a rambunctious li'l boy.  He happily anticipates the moments that his li'l girl coos and babbles to him in her babyish dialect.  He delights in his children.

     Children, for whom he achingly prayed for years; yearning to hear a li'l one say "Daddy," and mean it for him.   Children that have been used of God to refine him, and teach him of his relationship with his Heavenly Father.    Children who are the heritage of the Lord, not ever expected to receive, yet ever grateful and in awe that they are his.

     As his wife, and mother of his children, I get to observe their relationships with each other.  Beyond measure is my heart blessed, to see the love between them:  To watch how effortlessly our boy rushes to his daddy's arms for protection from his fears in the night; delighting in how cheerful our daughter is when she sees her papa; catching Dear recognize himself in his children, and then voicing his appreciation to God for His love and long suffering with him; knowing that he does not take this role lightly, and seeks to guide our blessings as God would desire, is an incredible gift.  It is with much gratitude that I say,  "Happy Father's Day, Dear!"

Monday, March 12, 2018

Twelve Years Ago...

...These words made a profound, life-changing impact upon my husband:

"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.  For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."
Matthew 11:28-30

     Those words moved my husband to go unto Jesus Christ, to receive that rest of which He spake.   That very night he was born again!  I love this particular "birthday," as it carries so much more significance than his first one.  Immediately, there was such a transformation!  I could see the peace and joy filling him.  There was absolutely no denying that a life-altering event had just occurred; and, life as we knew it would never be the same.

     My blessed husband:  what a gift he is to me!  As the years progress, our relationship deepens and strengthens--all to God's praise!  Knowing that for the gift of salvation our lives are what they are, I am eternally grateful.

     I am not ignorant of the fact that I am in a special position.  I married a lost man, whilst I was behaving myself poorly as a saved woman.  Our marriage could look much different, but for the power of the Holy Ghost. 

     I have known women who went to their graves, praying for the lost souls of their husbands.  I know wives today, who are at constant odds with their husbands, because they are in a divided home.  These scenarios could have been my lot...

     ...But, for the grace of Christ that redeemed my darling!  Oh, that night will ever be vivid in my mind; just as vivid as the night I was born again!  To be present for such a glorious event; to be the blessed wife of a redeemed man:  oh, say, but I'm glad, I'm glad!

     These past twelve years have been a privilege to walk with my husband, as we grow in Christ together.  To be led by him in the word of God, by the word of God, with a heart that loves the God of that word...What a sweet, sweet gift it is to me!  I cannot help but to glory in the gift God has given me in my man!

     I could share so many stories from the years of learning and growing.  The journeys and experiences I have had, with a man zealous for Christ...A visionary, kingly, with a servant's-heart man...Yes, many interesting stories can be told.

     I would not trade any of them, though...Even the difficult, challenging ones.   All have taught us a greater reliance upon our Lord, and a deeper appreciation for Him.  All of them have drawn us closer together.

     As we now journey into parenthood, I am looking forward to watching him lead our children.  I know that he loves Christ, and that will be evident to our children.   That love makes him the amazing father he already is.   What a gift they have in him, too!

     Twelve years ago, a new man was created.  Though there are traces of the old man he once was, that new man shines forth.  A man who once only cared for earthly things, became a man who desires to keep his eyes on heavenly matters.  A man who once mocked a preacher's son, now is the one mocked for preaching God's word.  A man who once struggled with finding meaning for his life, now has peace and joy knowing his God and his purpose.

      Praise God for this very special day!  Praise God for the fact that my husband's name is written down in glory, and that we shall be blessed to spend eternity together!  God is worthy to be praised!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017: A Year In Review

     Chalk it up to all the hormonal influences in my life these days, but, I cannot help but constantly muse upon the blessings of motherhood.  As I observe our son, I am in awe that God gave him to us.  He is a constant reminder of a long-awaited answer to prayer.
     Now, here we are, with another blessing on the way!  Again, I am awed that God would see fit to bless us with her.  I know my shortcomings, my failures, my sins.  I know that there is so much room for improvement.  However, we are still the recipients of some of life's greatest treasures:  children.

     I know I have probably mentioned it previously, yet, it bears repeating:  having had to wait for so many years for our children, has given us a much greater appreciation for them.  We see value in them that we, most likely, would have neglected to see, had they come much earlier in our lives.  We have, gratefully, matured in areas of our lives that desperately needed it.

     However, I know that I would be foolish if I were to rest my confidence in ourselves, rather than our Lord who strengthens and enables us for the tasks at hand!  I am so grateful that He is ever-present in our lives.   I cannot think of any moment wherein I would not need Him!

     That recognition has been a constant in our lives this year.   As we continue seeking His specific will for our lives, we find ourselves holding ever closer to Him.  Just as a child holds onto their mother's skirt for reassurance, I find myself doing the same with my Lord.  Continuing our "wilderness experience," as we have come to title our nearly half a decade worth of experiences, can do that to a person.

     If anything that would be considered my "take away" for 2017, it would be my utter dependency on the Lord.  It seems that that notion is a rather frequent one, too!  I am grateful that He is dependable, and wants me to rely upon Him.  

     I pray that any who read this post, will find the upcoming year one full of a closer walk with Christ.  May it also be full of many reasons to praise God!  Here is to happily anticipating a new year, full of new mercies, with our Lord and Saviour!
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