Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Motherhood Multiplies: Part 4

...No...No, she wouldn't wait!

     We had such a small window between my friend's departure, and my mother-in-law arriving--like, three days.  What's three days? 

     The day before she was supposed to arrive, I started noticing light, irregular contractions.  I chalked it up to prodromal labor, as they really didn't phase me.  I would try to time them, just in case.  That was a pointless endeavor.  There was no pattern; no longevity.  

     Knowing that each pregnancy, labor, and delivery will be different, I wasn't truly expecting my daughter's birth story to be the same as that of her brother.  Yet, at the same time, I was referencing my experience with him, more as a comparison.  So, we just waited to see if anything would happen.

     Well, her labor was quite different than her brother's labor-- frustratingly so!  When I started labor with him, there was a definite pattern to it.  Though it was slow to progress with him, there was a progression.  Li'l Miss' labor was irregular, seemingly uneventful. 

     Dear stayed home, even though I was capable of going about my day.  None of the contractions hindered me from my activities.  Again, quite opposite that of my previous experience:  where once a few hours of contractions had passed,  I had to start focusing on getting through each one.  Hers? Nah.  Just teasing us. 😋

     I did notify my doula and midwife, though I made it clear that they seemed like they were prodromal (warm-up) contractions.  My doula recommended some things to get them progressing.  It didn't seem that any of it worked.  As night arrived, we prepared to sleep.

     Oh, just a couple hours passed when,  BAM!, no more playing!  These were the real deal.  All you mamas know

     I immediately informed my birth team.  Of course, they asked if I wanted to go to the birth cottage.  I didn't.  Last time, I was there for nearly twelve hours, and wanted to do more laboring at home.

     Well, between my midwife, doula, and husband, they all encouraged me to go.  They could tell that I was far enough along in my labor:  the contractions kept my full attention, and they were pretty close together.  Seeing that this was my second pregnancy, (that they tend to go faster than the first), and that it was nearly a forty-minute drive to the cottage...We needed to go.

     ....And, our soundly-sleeping two-year-old was coming, too.

     That's right.  No one to come over close to 2 AM, or anywhere to take him.  So, he was along for the ride!  Thankfully, he was easy to get ready, and looked forward to seeing our midwife.

     Since it was so late/early, the roads were pretty clear.  It was actually a decently pleasant drive, for someone in labor:  dark, cool, quiet.  Nice.

     We arrived to the cottage, with everyone getting things stationed.  I made myself comfortable on my birth ball, letting folks tend to me as needed.  For a little while, I labored in the kitchenette/den with everyone.  Not too long, though, and I wanted to go to the birthing suite.

     During this time, my beloved husband tended to our son.  I know he wanted to be there for me, in the same way he was for our son's birth.  Yet, he never put on that he was put out.  He kept looking for ways to keep our very active, excited 2-year-old preoccupied...At 3-4ish in the morning.  What a man. ❤

     After laboring a bit in the bedroom (time always seems "gone" during labor), I wanted to see how far along I was.  My midwife checked me:  I was at an "8."  "Ok.  Still a bit to go," I thought to myself.

     I wanted to try to rest, just a bit, since I figured we still had a few hours of laboring.  My doula dimmed the lights of an already darkened room, cracked the door, and left.  It was just me, my in-utero daughter, and God. 

     I was fearful of another lengthy labor, and of imposing upon everyone (I know...).  I prayed; just asking the Lord to help me...

.....Do you ever have moments where you just KNOW He's in the room with you?!  I couldn't see Him, nor did I hear His voice.  Yet, I knew He was right there with me.

     No one else was in the room.  Like I said, my doula left to let me rest.  Yet, as I was praying to the Lord, I sensed His presence with me.

     Oh, I bawled!  I kept pouring my heart out to Him!  Then...different contractions came.

     I had to get off that bed!  Whatever sounds came out of me, my team was back in the room, lights on, and more checking of progress.  All these things (my doula leaving, me resting/praying/getting off the bed), happened very quickly.

     With my midwife encouraging me and guiding me, and my doula giving support, it wasn't long that I was pushing out my daughter!  My dear husband was holding our son, just a few feet away from me, in the doorway.  Just a few pushes, and she was here!

     With a flurry of action, Li'l Miss was placed in my arms, we got into bed, and the clean-up began.  Daddy and Big Brother got to meet her, and everyone there rejoiced with us!

     While we were being tended to, my husband and son went about to get a hearty breakfast for me, at 5 the country.  Where else but the "Waffle House?"  So, off they went!  I was so glad to have that food, instead of all the lighter foods I'd been eating during labor!

     A few hours later, and we were able to go back home, with Li'l Miss and I tucked into bed together.  (It wasn't until on our way home, that our son finally went back to sleep!)  Then, not much later, Dear and Big Brother went to get Dear's mother from the airport.  Whew!  What a day!

     Come to find out, our daughter was born a little past two hours after getting to the birth cottage...Two hours.  I'm glad I listened to my birth team.  So is my husband. 😉

     What a delight she has been!  She has added so much joy and spunk to our home!  It is fascinating to watch her develop, and how she interacts with us all.

     I could never have fathomed this gift of a daughter...That God would not only bless us with our son, but to multiply our family by giving us Li'l Miss.  There are no words capable of expressing our hearts regarding His goodness to us.

     Every step of the way, He was with  us:  guiding us, protecting us, providing for us.  He's been, and always will be, so good.  It's a privilege to know Him, belong to Him, and receive such sweet, eternal blessings from Him!

Copyright 2019 Molding Into A Lady 

Copyright 2019 Molding Into A Lady 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Motherhood Multiplies: Part 3

     Having someone trustworthy available to watch your child, was a challenge for us.  The clock was ticking, and, who do we ask?  Well, God provided in quite a wonderful way!

     Talking with one of my dear friends on the phone one evening, she offered her services, in the event we needed them.  Oh!  I was stunned to silence.  For her to come meant traveling nearly 3,000 miles via airplane!

     She thought my silence was a polite "No, thank you."  I was truly flabbergasted.  I immediately silenced her concerns.  However, I didn't think I would need them, as we had someone else lined up.

     Well...God knew I would need this dear sister's help.  Getting ever closer to the due date, the former help was unable to come at that time.  I tried various other sources, that all failed.  Ugh...Could I really impose upon my friend?  I had a really difficult time mustering up the courage to ask.  I knew it was a multi-hundred-dollar question I was asking of her.  Yet, she had sincerely offered.

     I called.  I was a blubbering mess.  She knew, and didn't hesitate to take action.  Her very busy family gladly lent her to us.  What a gift!

     No more than a couple months later, and I was giddily awaiting her late-night arrival!  It was as if no time had passed as we embraced in a hug as she came in our home.  Oh, but the tears!

     Since it was late, we all headed to bed.  The next few days she was here were a flurry of action!  With her arrival just days before my daughter's estimated due date, she wanted to ensure we were well-stocked with freezer meals, in the event that our daughter arrived after her departure.

     Grocery-shopping, meal-prepping, just catching up, as well as my last prenatal appointment, were all in our week together.  What a rich, wonderful time together!  Even my husband joined in on the fun, in his way.  😉
     No baby came, though.  Off she went, back to her lovely family and home.  I don't know that she, nor any of them, will truly grasp the depth of gratitude I hold for their gift to us. 

     There was another person arriving, just a few days later, to help for after the birth.  So, we had just a few days in between helpers.  Surely baby girl would wait... right?

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Monday, February 18, 2019

Motherhood Multiplies: Part 2

...Two pink lines...Who knew that they could cause a myriad of emotions to well within my heart; so quickly, so immensely?
     Once again, I contacted the same midwife who aided us with our son.  Everything was the same routine.  Thankfully, this pregnancy was nearly as uneventful as the prior one.
     I did experience different symptoms, had different cravings, and this time around, was tending to a toddler.  So, I didn't get to focus as much upon this pregnancy, as I had the previous one.  Also, because of so many differences with this pregnancy (symptoms), I was highly suspicious I was carrying a little girl.
     Once the time for the anatomy scan came, those suspicions were confirmed!  Of course, she gave us all quite the difficult time in learning her gender, just as her brother before her.  Both our children practiced modesty in-utero...😂
    That afternoon, we were able to meet up with a dear friend, who happened to be in the same town as where we had our ultrasound.  We were able to show her the pictures, and then she blessed us with a little baby girl clothes shopping and dinner!  We were also able to catch up, in-person, as she lives out-of-state.  All-in-all, a very pleasant day!
     Before long, we were needing to focus on a very important matter:  childcare for our son once I needed to get to the midwife.  Still living far away from any family and close friends, it was a great matter of prayer.  Who would be able to help us?

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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Motherhood Multiplies: Part 1

     We are just a little while away from celebrating our daughter's first birthday!  Wow!  It is astounding how quickly time flies.
     Years ago, when I recounted the miracle of our son, I truly believed that he was it--the answer to our years-long prayer for a child.  I never wanted to consider having another one; not because I didn't want any more, but I thought it'd be too forward of me.  Well, I never needed to ask:  God surprised me, again.
     Once our son was nearing a year in age,  I went through a brief bout of post partum anxiety, since my body was readjusting to all the hormonal fluctuations accompanying motherhood.  Once things hormonally-settled, for once in my life, I became regular "like clockwork." 
     Well, lo and behold, once again I was surprised:  another baby!
     I cannot say if I was more surprised this time, than the first, but, I definitely was shocked!  I really was in awe that God would gift us another child.  Shock, awe, and gratitude, are all understatements to what I experienced when I saw those two pink lines...
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