Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Eating Properly

     I remember when I first purposed to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  Oh, how many times had I started, and stopped?  It was always easy for me to read from Genesis to Exodus, but once I came across Leviticus...Let us just say, I decided I would try the New Testament.
     When I started in Matthew, just reading the genealogy was a struggle.  Sometimes, I would make it as far as the sermon on the mount.  Nevertheless, I did not quite read the Bible, in its entirety, for some time.
      So, when I finally did read it through all the way, I was so excited!  Wow!  So much was there, that I had been missing!  Yet, I was learning it now, and it was like a treasure hunt.
     There were those things that I read, that I pretty much had to force myself to read, in order to truly read the Bible, in its entirety.  I knew that there was a reason for everything written in it; even if I did not know the reasons, yet.
      And...I am still learning.  Granted, there are things I understand now, that I did not understand years ago.  I am so thankful, too!  It is so easy to become dependent upon a church, a pastor, a teacher, or someone else, for your thoughts on Biblical matters; never having a mind of your own.  I have been blessed, with said persons, as I seek to understand the Bible.  However, they do not constitute my thoughts.
     Nowadays, I find that it takes even more effort on my part, to "get" something from the Bible.  It used to be that every page was exhilarating:  because it was all new!  I am still encouraged and reminded of things I need to know, though it is not new to me.  Yet, now I go on to the meat, and wean off of the milk.

Glass Milk Bottle Stock Photo

     Of course, I cannot just swallow meat, like I could with milk.  I have to chew.  That chewing takes time.
     Oh, and, I have to cut it up, too.  I cannot just take a piece of steak, and chew the whole thing!  (Well, I could try, if I wanted to be barbaric...)  I must use the proper utensils, and get it in bite-size portions.
     Meat is much more effort on my part, than just drinking milk.  But, oh, so much tastier!  I am not going to experience things the same way, as when I was just starting in the Bible.

Juicy Bbq Grilled Rib Eye ,ribeye Steak And Vegetables Stock Photo

     Yet, I have been so frustrated, that things are not as they first were.  I feel as though something is wrong with me.  Maybe there is.  Maybe I am approaching the Bible in a way, that is not conducive to meat-chewing.
     I guess if I keep approaching it as a baby to a bottle, I should expect the same results.  Yet, if I tried to approach it as one with knife and fork in-hand, maybe I will get somewhere!  What a novel idea, Renee! :)
     Just discussing this matter has helped me see what I was not seeing.  I am no longer a baby...I am in my adolescent years; at the very least, old enough to eat some meat.  Milk is not going to sustain me as it once did, though I still need it for strong bones. ;)  I need some meat in my diet, to give me good muscles.  Therefore, I need to go about things differently.
     Why did I not see it this way?  Why did I stay so frustrated?  I feel like one of those children who is way too big for the baby swing, but still tries to fit inside it, because they remember how much fun it was when they were younger.  Do they not know how much more fun the larger, "grown up" swing will be?  Sure, it may be a bit intimidating.  Yet, it is fun, and you still get to swing!
     God is so patient with me.  All this time, I am asking for His help, and it is right in front of my face...I was just approaching things all wrong!  I do not have to approach my Bible reading, as I once did as a young believer.  It is okay for me to change it up, to suit my learning abilities.  Oh, I am so glad for it, too!  You may think it silly, but for me, this is a light bulb moment!
    If any of you out there, who have been struggling as I have, with feeding from God's word, I pray this "revelation" gives you hope.  Have you been approaching it, without adjusting it to your growth spurts?  Maybe it is time to do it differently?  Maybe we can share together the various ways God shows us how we can chew the meat.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Scripture: "The Spirit World-- Part One," By Pastor Charles Lawson

     How much do you know about the unseen world around us?  We are told that we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but with principalities and powers.  We see all throughout the Bible, wherein angels visit folks:  Samson's mother was first visited by one, then his father with his mother; Mary was visited by Gabriel, an angel; Peter was delivered from prison by one; Lot was delivered by two; Elisha asked the Lord to open the eyes of his servant, so that he could see the innumerable army of angels, fighting on their behalf.
     What about today?  Well, as I mentioned earlier, our warfare is with spiritual principalities and powers, not that of men.  Here is a series, that helps us focus in on that truth, that is not much talked about today:

Friday, November 14, 2014

2014 November Day Book

Outside My Window:

...Is a gloriously sunny, autumn day.

I Am Thinking:

...About all the Lord has done for us, this past year.

I Am Thankful For:

...The Lord not giving up on us; the Lord being in our lives; and, all the Lord has given us.

I Am Learning:

...About being an introvert.  It has been quite fascinating!  Here is just one of many articles I have read, learning about being one.  I found most of their descriptions, I fit (except the fact that I am not married to an extrovert) :) :  

From The Kitchen:

...Me thinks I will be concocting a curry stew, tonight.

I Am Wearing:

...Warmer clothing, since we dipped into the mid-thirties and forties, out yonder.

I Am Creating:

...More pages for my Homemaker's Binder.

I Am Going:

...To keep my heart focused on the Lord.

I Am Reading:

"Living Virtuously," by Erin Harrison.

I Am Hoping:

...As always, in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ:  not me, myself, or I.

I Am Hearing:

...My phone "ting," every time I get a text from my "li'l sis."

I Am Noticing:

...How hard Satan works, to try and divide and conquer.

I Am Wondering:

...If and when, the Lord may allow us to be parents.

I Am Realizing:

...As always, how desperately I need Jesus!

Pondering These Words:

...Charity...Family...Fruits of the Spirit...Works of the flesh...

Around The House:

...Are rooms filled with the charity of others:  conduits of God's temporal blessings in our lives.

One Of My Favorite Things:

...Is not really a "thing," but rather, deep, strong relationships:  centered, based, and thriving in the Lord.  I love those folks who will dive into the awe of the Lord, and His word, with me; those who look after my heart, and allow me the same blessing for them; and, together, worship and love our Lord.

A Few Plans For The Week:

...Prepare for our church group's Thanksgiving "eatin'-meetin'..."
...Try to get in a visit, with a gal from said-group, who was just released from the hospital...
...Try to finish up a project, that Dear and I started a while back...
...Work on some care packages...

Here Is A Picture Thought I Am Sharing:

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Scripture: "Pride Destroys Fellowship," By Pastor Charles Lawson

     Pride.  We ALL have dealt with it, are dealing with it, in one way or another.  Whether we are the recipient of one's sin of pride, or we are the one dishing out pride, we are experienced with the effects of this sin.  How has it affected us?  What is its appearance?

Pharaoh's Horses 1848
John Frederick Herring

     Well, this pastor blessedly points out some of the problems in the Corinthian church, that has also manifested itself today.  Truly, nothing is new under the sun.  I was immensely blessed by this teaching.  I have learned much, and am seeking to be more discerning:  so as not to allow pride in my life, as well as allow others' pride to encourage it in me.
     I pray that you avail yourself of this less-than-an-hour message.  Oh, it will do your spirit good!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Thursday 7 #6

Another week has passed.  Another opportunity, to think of seven gifts the Lord has given me.  Here we go!

  1. I was able, briefly, to experience a chilly, autumn morning!  Being in the hot and humid southern area of the United States, having that coolness was quite the treat!
  2. Receiving sound wisdom.  I think I take it for granted, too often, good counselors, in whom I can find a wealth of God-fearing wisdom.  
  3. A husband who makes God is number one "hobby."  He delights in studying the Bible, discussing the Lord and His teachings with me, and others.  Much of his spare time is given over to God, in this way.  I have been blessed, because of it!
  4. My sewing machine, and the thoughtful friend who gave it to me.  Every time I use it, look at it, speak of it...I think of her, and her family.  It was a cheerful sacrifice on her/their part.  I am always humbled by that example, and love.
  5. Speaking of friends, I am thankful for the gifts of friendships.  Strong (in the Lord) friendships, are a rarity. I have learned so much from my dear friends.
  6. My Cracker Barrel serving plate!  A dear friend of mine gifted it to me, a few years ago.  I currently have it in a plate stand on my kitchen counter.  It is beautifully decorated with autumn colors, with the wording, "Count Your Blessings," in the center.  I look at it every day; and, every day, I am reminded of her, our friendship, and the Lord.  Many times He has used it to put me back in my proper mindset.  Every day, I am cheered at its presence and message.
  7. Okay...This next one may seem a bit silly, but I am thankful for it!  The scent of my laundry detergent...Yes, I am thankful for it:  It is so pleasing!  I love its scent, as it gently wafts through the house.  I love its linger upon our laundry.  Curious as to the brand?  It is the "Ecos" brand, and the scent is "Magnolia and Lily."  
**Alright!  Here are my seven for the week!  Care to join me?  Share your link, or list of seven, in the comments section below.  Looking forward to hearing your praises!**

Graced Simplicity

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

W.o.W. Wednesday: "The Pineapple Story," By Otto Koning

     Have you ever heard of "The Pineapple Story?"  Have you ever heard of the evangelist, Otto Koning?  I just recently became acquainted with both.  Get ready for a blessing!
     This man shares his story, of ministering in the foreign field.  He is definitely a gifted story teller.  His experiences have made me muse upon my attitude, in difficulties.
     He shares these lessons, in a humorous way.  Yet, they are profound.  I especially love how he explains struggles, as "grades:"  meaning, "first grade...second grade...," and so forth. :)
     His lessons, observations, and the like, are good for me, as a homemaker.  It helps me to get a right perspective, as I minister as an help meet to Dear.  It encourages me in evangelizing, even from home. 
     This video is just shy of an hour in length.  I pray that you take the opportunity to hear him.  It is definitely worth it!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Give Away Alert!

     Hello, friends!  I just wanted to give a quick notice of a give away that is happening, over at Living In The Shoe.  She is hosting a give away, where the prize is a 2015 Homemaker's Daily Planner.  I do not know about you, but I know I am in need of one!  Why do you not join me, and see if God allows you to win this prize?

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