Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Thursday 7 #6

Another week has passed.  Another opportunity, to think of seven gifts the Lord has given me.  Here we go!

  1. I was able, briefly, to experience a chilly, autumn morning!  Being in the hot and humid southern area of the United States, having that coolness was quite the treat!
  2. Receiving sound wisdom.  I think I take it for granted, too often, good counselors, in whom I can find a wealth of God-fearing wisdom.  
  3. A husband who makes God is number one "hobby."  He delights in studying the Bible, discussing the Lord and His teachings with me, and others.  Much of his spare time is given over to God, in this way.  I have been blessed, because of it!
  4. My sewing machine, and the thoughtful friend who gave it to me.  Every time I use it, look at it, speak of it...I think of her, and her family.  It was a cheerful sacrifice on her/their part.  I am always humbled by that example, and love.
  5. Speaking of friends, I am thankful for the gifts of friendships.  Strong (in the Lord) friendships, are a rarity. I have learned so much from my dear friends.
  6. My Cracker Barrel serving plate!  A dear friend of mine gifted it to me, a few years ago.  I currently have it in a plate stand on my kitchen counter.  It is beautifully decorated with autumn colors, with the wording, "Count Your Blessings," in the center.  I look at it every day; and, every day, I am reminded of her, our friendship, and the Lord.  Many times He has used it to put me back in my proper mindset.  Every day, I am cheered at its presence and message.
  7. Okay...This next one may seem a bit silly, but I am thankful for it!  The scent of my laundry detergent...Yes, I am thankful for it:  It is so pleasing!  I love its scent, as it gently wafts through the house.  I love its linger upon our laundry.  Curious as to the brand?  It is the "Ecos" brand, and the scent is "Magnolia and Lily."  
**Alright!  Here are my seven for the week!  Care to join me?  Share your link, or list of seven, in the comments section below.  Looking forward to hearing your praises!**

Graced Simplicity

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"Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man." Colossians 4:6

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