Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Before Our Baby...

...Our lives were much different.

We had freedom to travel.

We enjoyed restaurant cuisine more frequently.

We were able to focus more on other things, like:  the house, the car, and entertainment.

We did what we wanted to do, pretty much as the mood suited us.

We were able to lavish attention to little nieces and nephews, and then give them back to their parents.

We were on our own schedule.

We could pack up and move cross country, with relatively little notice.

Our house stayed clean and organized.

Definitely, we were freer for many activities and interests.


...It was also a quieter home.

No squeals of laughter filling our house.

No early morning cuddles with our li'l love.

No hand prints all over the mirrors and windows.

No little person hugs that filled your heart with a love never known heretofore.

No little persons kisses given, just because that little person loves you.

No delight in watching that li'l one full of glee over the sound of Steve Green singing "How Great Thou Art."

No little person clothes to clean and put away.

No toys to stumble over, as that little person dumps them here and there in their quest for adventure.

No sense of fulfillment, as you know this li'l person was the missing person in your lives, all this time.

No humble sense of duty before God, as you realize the grave responsibility given unto you in training and loving this little one.

No indescribable gratitude, humility, and awe at the answer to your plea for a child.

"Our Li'l Blessing" Copyright 2017 Molding Into A Lady

The nights sometimes are long, and sleep elusive.

The days may be filled with more "no's" than we would wish.

The task of taking care of such a one more daunting than we realized.

The learning for all of us may be more challenging than expected.

The dirty diapers smellier and more in number than imagined.

Food flies around the kitchen as that li'l one delightfully demolishes their meal...

...Challenges come as training to "sit still" ensues...

...Many a chewed-up book, toy, or sippy cup, as more teeth erupt...

...But, oh, is it not worth it all!

"A Father's Love" Copyright 2017 Molding Into A Lady

One day, the sippy cups will be gone.

No more diapers needed.

No more need to teach to "sit still."

No more need to fold and put away their clothes, for they will do it themselves.

The little person hugs and kisses give way to adult hugs and kisses.

Tears from a sleepless night with a growing baby, give way to tears in prayer for an adult child facing life's challenges.

Tripping over toddler toys will give way to a vacant play room.

Immediate obedience from a child ever desiring to please their parents, will be replaced with an adolescent making choices contrary to their parents' wishes.

A house full of squeals of laughter once again will have silence.

A kitchen full of dirty walls and dishes will once again be spotless.

No more need for the car or booster seat, for that li'l one will be driving their own vehicle.

No more need for school curriculum, for that child will have graduated school.

One day, the house will once again be home to breakables.

One day, Dear and I will be free to take a whirlwind trip.

One day, Dear and I will enjoy more restaurant food.

One day, Dear and I will be able to pursue our interests unhindered.

One day, Dear and I will watch to see if the lessons we sought to teach the li'l one, made an eternal difference.

One day, Dear and I will watch to see if the faith we share, will become the same faith our child will hold dear.

One day, Dear and I will watch to see if our child will walk in truth.

One day, Dear and I will watch our child live life on their own.

Until then, I am going to enjoy these days.

"A Mother's Love" Copyright 2017 Molding Into A Lady
"Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward."  
Psalm 127:3

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