Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Smiling At His Timing

     So, here I am, sitting in my "Tetrisland:" a.k.a., my apartment. We have two more days before moving, and God has seen fit to answer a prayer of mine (regarding a separate matter, though it does involve our move) by rearranging our move time.
     I am glad to say, that instead of frowning, God has put a smile on my heart and face. In the beginning, I was stressed...More than I want to admit, and more than I wanted. However, through sweet, precious Dear, and the Bible, God re-routed my thinking, so that my heart would be at ease, regardless the circumstance. He has done such a marvelous work!
     I know that this is not an ideal situation we are currently experiencing. However, I know that God is in control, that He loves me (and Dear), and that His ways are far superior to man's ways. We seek to just keep doing as He likes, and trust Him for each moment.
     Sure, some times my flesh gets the best of me, but God is always faithful to calm me by His precious Spirit. Please do keep us, and it all, in prayer. I know Satan would like the glory in everything, but our heart's desire is that God gets the glory in everything. Thank you in advance, and for all the prayers thus far!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thrift Store Shopping

     Moving. All sorts of activities surrounds moving. As we have never lived in our own house, this new experience of moving into one brings much excitement! Plans for the yard, plans for the house, plans...
     One of those plans is to find new curtains that will keep the home aesthetically-pleasing, but pleasing on the wallet. I have never been real fussy over decor; I have my own tastes, but not fussy. If it is a thrift-store find that adorns our abode, I am all the better for it!
     Well, a thrift-store find is what I got today! After cleaning for a dear lady, I perused the thrift stores in town, just to see if I could find odds and ends that we will need for the house. At the second, and last, one, I found drapes: for $10! Two pair of beautifully homemade drapes, perfect for any room of the house! If they do not go well in the living area, I will put them in the bedroom. I look forward to sharing pictures in the future. :)
     I have been so blessed by Christ in thrift-store shopping over the years. Many of the pieces in our home have come from there: dining table, blender, clothes, etc...And now, the drapes! What about you? What goodies have you gotten in thrift-store shopping?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Prayer Day

     Oh, such a lovely Monday. It has been rather peaceful, too. After the busy weekend, I sure appreciated the rest. :) Yet, in the midst of rest, my mind scurried about the mental checklist, seeking to create havoc in my peaceful abode. "How many boxes will we need?" "Will we be able to move in our new home on time?" "Should we bump it up a notch, or are we already doing as much as possible?" Oh, the endless round-abouts my mind took, causing brief moments of anxiety.
     It does not help to have had those, and similar, thoughts implanted within me by others, (concerned for our well-being, no doubt, but more of a hindrance than help). Now, instead of peace, my mind has moments of fear and doubt. Instead of resting in my Lord, I am fretting within my heart. What a wonderful, and patient, Father I have. He uses various means to soothe, and remind me of His faithful and great care. I can be so silly at times!
     Nevertheless, as it is Monday, I am seeking God-fearing saints' prayers on our behalf. I am asking for intercession regarding our move: that we would have all we need, that everything will be accomplished in time for us to move to our new abode, and that this whole process would give God great glory! Already so much of it has, I do not want to dampen it! I really appreciate your prayers. :) As always, I extend my hand out to any of you who would appreciate prayers as well. Please feel free to leave a comment, contact me via email, or Facebook, to let me know how I may pray. I would count it a privilege! Blessings to all my friends (that would be YOU) this week!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Egg Salad Sandwiches

     So, in my last post I sought out ideas for a healthy, low-cost way to make lunches for Dear. Well, I think I found a recipe for my desire! The other day, I was trying to find a quick way to make us a dinner to carry with us as we went to go work on our new house.
     I had a few eggs, and decided to find a recipe for egg salad. Boy, am I ever glad I did! I think we found one of our favorites! For the past few nights, we have been having egg salad sandwiches. LOL!      The recipe I found must have triggered our bodies' long-held cravings, or something. We are always looking forward to them. Dear has had them for his lunch the past two days, and thoroughly enjoys them.
     Now, mind you, he will not be only getting those sandwiches for the rest of his lunches for his lifetime, but I do not think he would complain....Yet. I was so excited at finding a good recipe that is easy and cheap to make, and I want to share it with you!


 8 eggs, boiled 1 Tbs. Dry mustard 2 Tbs. Dill weed 1 tsp. Celery seed 1 Tbs. Garlic 1 - 2 tsp. Black pepper Sprinkling of Salt 3 Tbs. mayonnaise Peel the boiled eggs, and place in medium-sized mixing bowl. Add the rest of ingredients, then mix/mash with fork. Once well-blended, spread on your favorite bread for a delicious sandwich, and enjoy! (I'm currently dreaming of adding nice, thin slices of fresh red onion....MMM!). Our favorite bread for this sandwich is any of "Dave's Killer Bread." It makes about 8 whole sandwiches; 6 if you are liberal. :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Prayer Day

     Since preparing to move into our new house by the end of the month, I have been seeking ways to be a better manager of the home. We will be further from town, further from the cities wherein we do our "big" shopping, and in an area that necessitates thriftiness. Am I up for the challenge? No more will the store be a breezy ten-minute walk from home, in case I need something. No, it will be MUCH further!
     Therefore, I am needing to tap into how I lived growing up as a child: big grocery runs 1-2 times a month, at most, and the rest of little essentials (milk, eggs, etc.) that easily run out, gathered as we pass through town for church occasions. Country life, here I come...again!
     I am excited for the challenge. This lifestyle change is for the better, and will aid us in our desire to be better stewards: of time, money, gas, etc. It will really help in way of budgeting all these things in our life, and make us thriftier at home. Conveniences will be diminished, for sure. I am so grateful, though. This lifestyle will make us more like God intends for us: good stewards. It will make us harder workers.
     To help supplement in our grocery budget, I will be trying to build a decent garden for the two of us this year. Please pray for me in this endeavor, as I am relatively new to it. Healthy, organic growing is my desire. If I can learn how to healthily can these goods, it will be even better! So many prayers have been answered with the handing over to us our new home. God is so good to us. Letting us learn so many skills, have Christian landlords, putting us in a position to stretch out and be better stewards...Wow, He is SO amazing!
     Now my plea to you folks out there: Do you have any suggestions for a newcomer to the gardening/preserving world? How about bulk healthy shopping? How about good, sturdy, healthy lunches on a budget, for a hard-working husband? I appreciate any advice and prayers my way! Blessings to you in this blessed Monday! If there is any thing of which I may lift you up in prayer, please let me know!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A New Road

     So much happening in our lives these days! Now that I have some time, and hopefully something worthwhile to say, I am going to write today. We shall see... ;)
     To start, I want to thank my Heavenly Father for His amazing love and care for me! Each day He shows me how intimate, how special, how wonderful His relationship with me is. I am a totally undeserving, blessed, and well-loved daughter.
     As some of you out there may know, Dear and I were seeking to adopt. We went to a meeting to a local agency, and were excited, intimidated, and provoked. Excited at the thought of being on the road to becoming parents; intimidated at the road and the actuality of the event; and provoked into becoming better folks for the task at hand. However, now it seems that that road, with the particular agency, is not one we are to travel. That agency is only able to serve three certain counties, of which one we are residents...Until next month.
     Dear and I will be moving to a new home, in a new town, in a new county. Thus, the travel ends with that agency. We are completely at peace with it. God is in control, and if He wants us to adopt, He will lead us. We are thrilled with our new home we will be renting: a house, no longer an apartment.
    There are so many other blessings with it, too, which I will share at another time. God is SO good! Seeing His marvelous work in my life, to be able to experience such detailed blessings...Oh, how my heart flutters! I am so undeserving, but ever grateful. Time and time again we know the loving pleasure of our Heavenly Father...What right have we to such joy? Through our Lord Jesus Christ, we have all blessings untold!
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