Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Prayer Day

     Oh, such a lovely Monday. It has been rather peaceful, too. After the busy weekend, I sure appreciated the rest. :) Yet, in the midst of rest, my mind scurried about the mental checklist, seeking to create havoc in my peaceful abode. "How many boxes will we need?" "Will we be able to move in our new home on time?" "Should we bump it up a notch, or are we already doing as much as possible?" Oh, the endless round-abouts my mind took, causing brief moments of anxiety.
     It does not help to have had those, and similar, thoughts implanted within me by others, (concerned for our well-being, no doubt, but more of a hindrance than help). Now, instead of peace, my mind has moments of fear and doubt. Instead of resting in my Lord, I am fretting within my heart. What a wonderful, and patient, Father I have. He uses various means to soothe, and remind me of His faithful and great care. I can be so silly at times!
     Nevertheless, as it is Monday, I am seeking God-fearing saints' prayers on our behalf. I am asking for intercession regarding our move: that we would have all we need, that everything will be accomplished in time for us to move to our new abode, and that this whole process would give God great glory! Already so much of it has, I do not want to dampen it! I really appreciate your prayers. :) As always, I extend my hand out to any of you who would appreciate prayers as well. Please feel free to leave a comment, contact me via email, or Facebook, to let me know how I may pray. I would count it a privilege! Blessings to all my friends (that would be YOU) this week!

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