Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thrift Store Shopping

     Moving. All sorts of activities surrounds moving. As we have never lived in our own house, this new experience of moving into one brings much excitement! Plans for the yard, plans for the house, plans...
     One of those plans is to find new curtains that will keep the home aesthetically-pleasing, but pleasing on the wallet. I have never been real fussy over decor; I have my own tastes, but not fussy. If it is a thrift-store find that adorns our abode, I am all the better for it!
     Well, a thrift-store find is what I got today! After cleaning for a dear lady, I perused the thrift stores in town, just to see if I could find odds and ends that we will need for the house. At the second, and last, one, I found drapes: for $10! Two pair of beautifully homemade drapes, perfect for any room of the house! If they do not go well in the living area, I will put them in the bedroom. I look forward to sharing pictures in the future. :)
     I have been so blessed by Christ in thrift-store shopping over the years. Many of the pieces in our home have come from there: dining table, blender, clothes, etc...And now, the drapes! What about you? What goodies have you gotten in thrift-store shopping?

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