Monday, March 5, 2012

Better-Body-Steward, Day 1

     It is getting late, and instead of sleeping my mind desires to write. So, here I am, blogging. Oh, thank you, brother, for lending us your IPad! There are many things of which I desire to write, but unfortunately time escapes me. Also, some of those topics I wish to journal necessitate study.      However, tonight, I will be speaking of something of importance for my life. I have always failed in the area of bodily-upkeep. I am not one who derives pleasure in exercising, unless it is in the form of play or house/yard work; e.g., kickball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, tag, "Lemonade" (for us girls), home renovations, chores, etc.
     Yet, I should use the equipment and tools collected over the years for such a purpose as exercise, rather than letting them be safe havens for the illustrious dust bunnies. I remember gym class from my school days, and what we did. I have tried to dust of the memories of those tasks in my mind, and put them to good use, too.
     However, as is all too common with me, I am unfaithful in being habitually-inclined in exercising. I have gotten as far as a month, or two, of regular exercise in the past since enlisting in Titus 2:5. Then, for no other reason than lack of discipline and determination on my part, I stop.
     Thus, tonight's journaling. I have tried, privately, journaling my food habits; and of course failed in that practice. I want to do something a bit different, though, here on my blog. I want to enter, daily for at least one month, my workout routine; or, something like it. I believe this practice will keep me accountable to God, myself, and all of you.
     It may be some of you will be out there praying for me to keep at it, have the right frame of mind, etc.; I may have folks out there wanting to see if I will stick to it, or fail, as always (I know I have been guilty of this iniquity, too). Maybe this journaling will be an encouragement to others with the same failures. Who knows all the ways this monthly journal will be of an impact, one way or another?      All I do know is that it is making me accountable, right now. So, to start it off right, I am going to share that today, I did some exercising! By God's good grace, I got my bottom out of my comfortable seat and down on the floor to do some stretches. Coupled with some warm-ups, squats, sit-ups, and some *static exercises, I am starting this week with better care of the body God gave me. (*If I spelled it correctly, static exercises are exercises dealing with tension. For example, I laid on the ground, then lifted only my feet off the ground a few inches, and held them up for as long as possible; then, gently brought them back down, and repeated a few more times. I had to use my core to keep them up, and it is not as easy as one may think, especially for as out of shape as I am!) After all my exercise time, I stretched a little more, then continued about my day.
     I do hope to employ playing games and home/yard work into my exercising; I am sure the Lord will help me do whatever I can and need to do! Well, there we are. DAY 1 of my 1-month journey into being a better-body-steward.


  1. Good for you Beautiful Renee!!! You can do it! It is through Christ for He strengthens you and gives you the Desire to care for your body! Remember you body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, keeping it healthy and cared for is a way to Praise God for giving us life! Amen! Praying for you Sweet Sister!!!

  2. Thank you, sweet Karen! May God bless you for your faithful, loving friendship to me: near to my heart, though miles away. :)

  3. Yes! Good for you! I too am in the habit of not keeping the habit! It just seems I don't have enough time in my day, when in reality, I don't really WANT to make time! ;) You encourage me, dear friend! I can't wait to hear more about your journey! :)


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