Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Better-Body-Steward, Days 20-23

Hello everyone! Today has been such a nice day. Relaxing, yet productive. Plus, Dear has something else up his sleeve for me... As far as my daily exercising, I have been blessed of the Lord to have been able to keep at it. After I finish this post, I plan on doing today's exercising. :) I was at the zoo most of the day Saturday. We spent around five hours walking around that place, on the first sunny, mild spring day. It was a lovely excursion, and Dear had a blast! It was his spontaneous decision, since receiving some birthday money. We called folks to see if they wanted to meet at the zoo, too. There were a few others who were able to attend, making it a nice, casual event. :) Sunday I did no exercising, as I have noticed on each Sunday. I do not mind, considering it is one of our most active days. I enjoy the rest. Yesterday and mMonday I was able to get back into the swing of things, and did my normal exercise routine. I have noticed small changes: slightly toner, more endurance, more flexibility, more energy, less sugary cravings. I really appreciate the Lord's work in my life! Now, I must start making other things non-habitual; i.e., indulgences, late meals, etc. I will get there, by God's grace!

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