Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Better-Body-Steward, Days 8 & 9

Monday was a fruitful exercising day! That day saw me not only have energy and will to exercise, but I was also able to increase reps in all the things I did! All thanks to God! Unfortunately, yesterday was an "off" day. For whatever reason, I was off kilter; even taking a nap on the couch during the afternoon. When I got up, I was still out of it. I did not do any exercise. Looking back, had I done some exercising, I probably would have helped myself get kick started. Lesson learned. Today, I have been keeping up with chores, and am about to leave to get Dear from work. I hope when I return that I will exercise. I wish I would get myself out of bed in the AM at the desired time, then I would have the time for it, and more. Please pray for the Godly aid I need to do so.

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