Saturday, November 7, 2015

Giving Of Thanks: DAYS 5 - 7

     Well, I've been busy!  I have a growing little boy, who doesn't seem to know that I have a blog.  He doesn't appreciate my desire to write in it, either. 😄

     That's OK, though.  I'll take him over writing, any day.  He's testing me on that challenge, too!  Growth spurts = mommy-son time. 😊

     And, I'm thankful for it.  It's an undeserved blessing, one for which I desire to soak in every moment.  I don't want to take it for granted.

     So, tonight, I want to publicly thank God for growth:  the growth of my son, which means he's healthy; the growth of my husband, in his relationship with Christ; and, the growth of my relationship with Christ.

     A dear sister in the Lord is the one God used to correlate the similarities between my son's behaviors during this time, to our behavior when we are growing in the Lord.  The clinginess, the pain, and, yes, the fussiness.  Such comparisons are apt descriptions.

     Oh, but how thankful I am that He's shown me!  Literally, tonight, I saw some things that I needed to see...Growing is hard work, as I tell my dear boy every day, as he struggles with growing up.  It seems it can be for me, too.

     Yet, my God doesn't leave me to fight through it alone. He's there to nurture, protect, and provide for me.  He's after my best interest.  What peace in His love!

     So, yes, I'm grateful for growth.  It may hurt. However, the results are amazing!

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