Monday, November 30, 2015

Giving Of Thanks: DAYS 24-30

     The last day of November is already here!  It's been one entire week, since my last entry, too.  It's been a bit busy around here!

     What can I share with you, pertaining to this past week's blessings?  What triumphs have I seen the Lord accomplish in our lives?  Oh, He is good!

     Well, to start, we were blessed to enjoy our first Thanksgiving meal, as a family.  I really didn't think we'd be able to do it, as I had not prepared for it, for various reasons.  However, the Lord blessed my eleventh-hour prayer regarding it, and we were able to have a delicious, blessed dinner together, (Though, Li'l Man is still a bit too little to eat anything; he got to watch. 😊).

     My husband was blessed to catch up with a dear friend back west, a couple days later.  It was so sweet to my soul, to see the encouragement that visit gave him.  It was much needed, and accomplished so much more than simply lifting his spirits.  I'm ever grateful for the love this brother, and his family, have consistently shown us over the years.

     That same day, earlier in the day, we were blessed with a productive, sweet day of running errands and grocery shopping.  Those who have had, or currently have, babies that get overstimulated during parts of their growth spurts, and teethe at the same time, understand the dilemma that can occur during such excursions.
     Normally, for the past few weeks, I would have stayed home with our son, so as to avoid seeing him so disgruntled (to say the least), during our trips.  However, we were blessed of God to see our son not be so, this time 'round!  Oh, how it blessed this mama's heart (papa's heart, too)!  It was such a pleasant day, too.

     Last night, we were blessed to enjoy a church service, all together.  Again, because of growth spurt and teething issues, it's been more conducive for my son and I to stay home.  Yet, my husband was so blessed by the morning visit, that he compelled us to go!  Praying for the Lord's enablement and blessing, we proceeded to go.  So glad we did, too!  We had no problems, and were spiritually blessed!

     These are just snippets of what the Lord has done in our lives, this past week.  It's been good for me to reminisce, and share.  It's helped me to look for the silver lining, amongst the gray clouds.

     I hope you look for those silver linings, too.  Life is rarely easy; yet, if we're born again, we have the strength of the Saviour to see us get through our difficulties.  We have the family of God to lean upon, too.  When we look, we get to see so many reasons to thank God.

     I don't know what tomorrow holds for us.  Yet, I know that God does.  As long as He's there, we're blessed.

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