Saturday, January 7, 2012

Monday Prayer Day

Please raise your hands if you ever have one of those "funky fog" days...weeks...or even--years.  Oh, good, glad I'm not the only one!  :)

     Sometimes life seems "funky" to me.  It is as though I can't quite get it together.  It is as though my thoughts, words, and sometimes my life, just seem garbled.  No matter how hard I try to formulate them in a sensible fashion, they don't always come out that way.  
     When life happens to run its course that way for me, I have seek to pray about it.  I should remember to pray every time, you would think.  Unfortunately for me, I haven't, and I suffer for the lack.
     I usually find myself in a funk due to lack of prayer and lack of time with God's Word.  Once I start practicing both regularly, (even praying in my head as I clean, cook, etc.), I find that the "funky fog" lifts rather quickly.  My thoughts are established, and my day runs smoother.  I find that my words flow better, and even when things aren't going well externally, at least internally I'm better.  
     I do appreciate the peace that the Lord gives to me when I'm in constant communion with Him.  As I think upon His words throughout the day; talk to Him along my way; am non-hesistant to share about Him with others:  life is joyful.  However, when I neglect my relationship with Him, that is around the time when I notice the "funky fog."
     There are times the "funky fog" is around me because I'm sick, (e.g., this past week, thanks to the "crud").  Yet even then, when my thoughts are on His thoughts, the sick fog doesn't minimize my internal being.  
     All that being said, I need to remember to stay my thoughts upon Jehovah.  I know that my soul feeds upon His blessed Word, and I will find my greatest source of nourishment not from earthly bread, but from that which is Heavenly.  I will find sweet, close communion as I consistently and constantly talk to Him.  Let's see if I can keep it in practice!

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  1. Raising my hand over here! The funky fog finds me more often than I care to admit! And I tend to dwell on my shortcomings! Fixing my eyes back on Him and moving forward are the only way beyond it!

    Wonderful post! Thank you!


"Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man." Colossians 4:6

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