Monday, October 24, 2011

Our Decision Regarding No Longer Celebrating Christmas

     This subject of which I am about to write is one of a controversial matter.  However, I must write about it so that folks are aware of where our family stands regarding it.  It is not intended to offend, only to make known why we may or may not be doing certain things in our lives from now on.
     Part of the reason I want to share this information is to no longer keep it secret.  Some people already know; especially on Facebook, where I shared it publicly, with Dear's permission.  Now it is time to share it on here.
     We came to this decision through much prayer, much study of God's Word, much study of history.  It was not a quick decision; however, after thorough study and prayer, one easy for us to make.  We have not regretted it, but rather are in some ways relieved.
     We have decided to no longer participate in Christmas.  We had for years been debating it, and finally it was concluded this year.  We don't hate the birth of Christ.  We haven't become Jehovah's Witnesses, as some surmised ignorantly.  We are not anti-Christ.  We love Christ!  Our love for Him and truth are the reasons we chose this route.
     We had started by questioning the tradition.  We already don't celebrate Halloween, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Lent, Good Friday, etc., due to the knowledge received through study.  So, we wanted to study out Christmas.
     After study of God's Word, we found that Christ was not born December 25th.  Most Christians knew this fact already, but we wanted to verify it.  We found that in Luke 1:5-25, it talked of when Elisabeth conceived John the Baptist.  It discussed the time-frame of when she became with child, for it mentions when Zacharias her husband performed his course in the temple, Luke 1:5.  After researching in Scripture the various courses, which is in 1 Kings 5 and 1 Chronicles 27, we found that she would have conceived around June; by knowing that Mary conceived six months after Elisabeth, we found that she would have conceived around December; then, we figured out that He might have been born around September.  It took a lot of study, but was worth it.
     Once we figured out approximate dates, (just months, not days), we wanted to know why December 25th was chosen to be the celebration of His birth.  Here are some articles that discuss in detail the why, which will better explain the secular history than I would be able to do.

  1. Why We No Longer Celebrate Christmas, by
  2. The Origin of Christmas, by
  3. The True Meaning of Christ-Mass, by
     We found that historically and Biblically, Christmas was not something that we could honestly participate in as a Christian holiday.  We saw through and through that it was a holiday that was Christianized.  Therefore, we have opted out, Colossians 2.
     There is a short video, by Michael Pearl, that helps explain some of the reasons we don't participate any more.  It is only a little over eight minutes long, but worth watching.  We found this video after our decision.

     Again, I would like to reiterate that we made this decision not to offend.  I do not share this decision publicly to offend, but to make aware so as not to have any confusion.  We still love God, and thank Him for sending His Son, just as He promised He would.  We are even more thankful that He arose from the dead, thus securing for us our salvation!

P.S.  We still enjoy giving and receiving of presents...All year 'round! 


  1. Did you know that who the Catholics venerate as St. Patrick, was actually a Baptist preacher in Ireland? You should check that out.

  2. Yes, I knew that fact about him. We learned it in Bible Institute, and my husband just reminded me the other day about it. :) However, we try not to participate in the Catholic tradition(s).


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