Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Prayer Day

     Alas, 'tis Monday.  I woke up with a sore left shoulder and neck, thanks to sleeping on that side and in a bad position.  I arose later than I desired.  BUT, I am:  thankful for my salvation, alive and well, and full of innumerable blessings!
     I did have more time in the Bible this morning!  I am thankful that I could sit and read God's Word for that length of time this morning.  It definitely fed my spirit.  :)
     I hadn't planned on doing my weekly chores today, but rather put them off until tomorrow.  However, I am now feeling able to do them and not so bogged down.  I do believe the Lord has energized me, and maybe also some yummy double spice chai tea that had honey and milk.  Yum!
     I have slowly gotten into the swing of things here.  It seemed that I was off-kilter for a while, but God is fixing me and my time-management.  I have been spending more time with Him, more time with Dear, and being a better homemaker.  The cooler weather seems to have encouraged more bread-making, but I also have to credit my dear friend L for that unction, too.  ;)
     This week I plan on making more bread, more soups, more crafty things (sewing and such), and just thoroughly enjoying the domestic arts.  We'll see how far I'll progress.  I do have some tasks related to church activities, but I hope the Lord will guide me in being well-balanced in my time, my talents, my treasures, and my help to folks.  I know He'll guide me right, it's just that I can be rather disobedient or insensitive to Him.  I want to be changed in those things.
     What all do you desire to accomplish this week?  Would you like prayer?  I know I just shared a prayer request today over at my friend Gail's site, as today is Prayer Link-Up Day there.  If you're interested, I would encourage you to take a gander over to her place and share your request.  We'd all love to pray for you!

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