Monday, October 3, 2011

My Cleaning Days

     Mondays for me are cleaning days, usually.  Sometimes I push it until another day, but for some reason, I really like cleaning on Mondays.  It must be the nerd in me.  8)
     So, guess what I did today....Yep, I cleaned!  The home smells nicer, the floors are shinier, the laundry (ahem) is almost done.  I guess that one will wait until tomorrow, or at least until this evening.  We shall see.  :)
     My cleaning days are usually interesting and entertaining, thanks to Meow and Bubba.  Meow likes to hide in my reusable grocery bag on our counter that holds all of the other reusable bags.  As I go to clean, and realize that the bag doesn't move with ease, out pops a head.  When putting on clean sheets I must always remember to shut my bedroom door.  If I don't, Bubba decides that it's a great time to go running and sliding on my bed!  Obviously this game is one of his favorites, for he paws at my door until I'm finished.  To his utter dismay, the bed is made and no more Let's-Play-With-The-Sheets Game.  Also, when fluffing the pillows on the couch, he decides that that moment is most opportune to go furrowing in the pillows, just like a pig ruts in the mud.  What interesting cats I have.
     There have been other times that I have gone to clean the bathtub, only to move the curtain and find Bubba hiding out in it.  I've also gone to put away clothes in the dresser, to find Meow perturbed with me for disrupting her beauty sleep.  Never owning cats growing up, this experience with them keeps me entertained; and I thought dogs had all the fun!

My poor cats...Such hard work.


  1. I'm very impressed that you can clean your entire home in one day! I couldn't do that, as we have two stories, so I need to space-out my cleaning times.

    I had to smile when you told me about your cats, for mine play the same games, or at least they try to. :)

    Have a blessed day!

  2. Thank you, but I must confess that I only have an 800 sq. ft. apartment, so it is very easy to get it done in one day. :) Glad to hear that I'm not alone in having interesting cats!

  3. How awesome it this Renee? Our cleaning days are the exact same days and we also have two crazy cats that do the SAME things! I love the sheet part. I keep the bedroom door open when i do the sheets because I just simply cover them up under it all. They become a little lump under the comforter. Haha. Too funny.

    Ours also love plastic bags!

    We also have about the same amount of space. Too funny! Loved this post. Straight to my heart. :)

  4. That is too cute, Kimberly! :)


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