Friday, July 29, 2011

Utilitarian Art

The cuts. The pairing. The measurements. I have found myself addicted to quilting.

     I do not believe they have a 12-step program for this addiction, nor do I believe I would attend. This addiction is not a problem...yet. I did start work on my first real piece of quilt work, and though it will not be "perfect," I am learning to be okay with it. (Seriously, folks, it was quite the issue for me yesterday. Just ask Hun.)
     I realize that I'm a beginner at quilting. Yet, I am holding myself up to high standards. Like trying to tell a baby to start eating steak, and not to forget to use the knife and fork properly...Nor to forget to keep the napkin on their lap, their elbows off the table, and...You get the idea.
     Aah! It made me frustrated at myself near the end of piecing the work together, because I wasn't matching my "perfect" plan. Yet, I was able to get it all pieced together. Today will be focused on the batting, the backing, and the actual hand-quilting part.
     I am not going to be so hard on myself, nor as rushed. I do believe the latter to be the main reason it did not turn out as nicely as I had wanted. I wanted to get the whole piecing completed before leaving for the surprise birthday party for our dear brother in Christ, Big J. So, starting at nine yesterday morning, until five in the evening, I was all about that quilt.
     Poor Dear. He came home to a grumpy, tired wife. He endured a lot of grouchiness from me, for which I had to keep apologizing, and a lot of seeking of his forgiveness. It taught me a lot of myself, (or rather, reminded me), and taught Dear a lot of me...For better or for worse, right? :)
     I am excited to be quilting. It is a utilitarian art. I like those kinds of art. I like art that makes you use your brain, not just fluff. Fluff is nice to admire, but if it doesn't edify in some way, I have a difficult time finding a use for it.
     That is one reason why I enjoy quilting. You can sit and admire it when it is completed. You can also stay warm with it as you sleep.
     Good poetry is another art form I enjoy. There are some poems that so move the spirit into a desire to walk closer with God, that I love having them around and sharing them. I enjoy a good poem that inspires me to better living and godly reflections.
     I just thought of something! Why not make a center piece for a quilt (in the future) that has a beautiful poem on it? That is a great idea!
     So, I will plan on quilting away for the rest of my life, Lord willing. I hope to one day teach any children we might have this glorious, blessed gift of the Lord. What fun it is!
     It is truly too bad that it isn't being passed down through the generations the way it used to be done. I hope to not allow that neglect to happen on my end, though. Even if we never have children of our own, I will endeavor to share it with other folks. :)
     So, do you all quilt? How long have you been quilting? What are your favorite pieces, types, memories...Please share! I look forward to hearing about it all!

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