Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Blurry Week

     Since Thursday, this whole half week has seemed a bit blurry. Each day is merging into the other one, and everything seems the same. Yet, I know it is not so, just a long process.
     On Thursday, my brother-in-law was admitted to a local hospital. He was diagnosed with pancreatitis, along with some other health issues. He was doing o.k. (for having these issues), and then in mid-Friday, he went into ICU.
     He was put on a temporary dialysis machine. He already was attached to a machine giving him his nourishment, as he cannot take anything orally. The also put him on a breathing tube, as he was struggling with breathing on his own.
     He was also put on a lot of medicine, to keep him stable. By God's grace alone he is stable. By His grace He will recover.
     Saturday came, and he deteriorated even more. By the Lord's conviction, our pastor and my mother-in-law's pastor came to pray with the family. It was definitely the Lord, because our pastor called us right after Dear and I visited with him (brother-in-law); and the outlook was not good.
     After our pastors came and went, the day progressed slowly. By the end of the night, he was doing better! He was still hooked up to everything, but better than the morning.
     Dear and I attended church services on Sunday: morning service at our church, evening service at a like-minded church near the hospital. We were refreshed, and needed it, for when we came back from the evening service, we were informed that he was being helicoptered to a hospital further south for possible emergency surgery.
     We turned right around and headed another 30 minutes south. We were there earlier than he, and it was late by the time he got there, was all arranged, and we could visit him. We made it home close to 3 AM.
     Happy fourth of July, right? Well, I woke up sore, tired, and groggy. Dear seemed to fare much better than I, but he always holds up well. Because our brother was stable, and nothing had changed, we went to our church's bbq, watched the fireworks in town, and went to bed. We had a lot of good, refreshing, fun times yesterday, which was good for the body and soul.
    Today Dear was able to visit him as he did his routes for work. He took his lunch break at the hospital. When Dad (Dear's dad) told our brother that Dear was there, he halfway opened his eyes, shed a tear, and tried to talk.
     When Dear called me to tell me the experience, he was crying happy tears! He was so thankful to see God working this way in his brother's life. We're both hoping this sign is indicative of his openness to the Lord. Hopefully we'll know once he's able to talk again, (by having the breathing tube removed).
    This time for our brother, and all involved, is going to be a long process. I am so thankful that God is in control, and my trust can solely rest upon Him. It's encouraging beyond measure to know that others are getting to witness God's power in the good times, and in the bad. Dear and I know, that whatever the outcome, God will be glorified.

Sister, Husband, Brother

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