Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Prayer Day

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Today is Monday, again, which means it's Prayer Day over here! Every day should be full of prayer. Praise God for every day, but I do tend to look forward to those "special" days--as I might have mentioned a time or two. :)
Gail at The Imperfect Housewife is hosting a Prayer Link-Up at her site, as she has been doing for a few weeks now. If you have the time, why not go over there and leave your request? Sharing requests with other Christian ladies around the world is a wonderful thing to do!
Why wonderful? It causes us to see that there are other Christians, not just in our church. It also reminds us of God's great family in which we are born once saved. Fellowshipping with other believers, and sharing their burdens, is a good thing.

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