Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Zealously Affected For...?

     Life has been very exciting these days!  All sorts of spiritual food is being fed to me, to my brethren in Christ...All of which thrills my soul to see!  I look forward to all the other things God has in store for us.
     Last Thursday evening marked our church's first special prayer meeting regarding our own building.  Our church has been renting a facility since its inception; things are starting to get stricter in our ability to use said facility (the group that owns the building also rents to others).  So, we are praying that God would clear our sites in what He would have us to do.
     It was evident when the hour of prayer was finished, that the Lord wanted some other things worked on prior to receiving our own building.  I was glad to see His desire made clear in that prayer meeting.  It blessed my heart beyond description, and relieved it, to see such clarity in prayer and study of His Word.
     Another blessing was on Saturday evening.  Some of us from church met at a church member's home for a coffee party.  It was not long after the festivities began, as some of us ladies were gathered around the table (the men were off together watching some political stuff online), that discussion started around politics and God...We soon realized that we needed to get together, regularly, to encourage one another; for the time draws even nearer to when Christ returns, and we need that familial support!
     Sunday saw the confirmation of the said ladies' meetings; something informal, yet open weekly.  This effort is a desire for many of us ladies.  Many of us were mentioning how we have seen Satan get busy with working us over, to hinder us from good, Godly communion.  For, many times a few of us would be stirred into action, yet something would be thrown in the tracks to stop us, discourage us, depress us, and keep us one from another.  Feeling isolated, unloved, unnecessary...Well, we simply kept to ourselves, striving to make it alone.
     However, since those few of us who are familiar with what typically happens when we seek to edify one another, provoking unto love and good works, and commune in Spirit and truth, we are ever more discerning of the enemy's attacks.  It was exciting to see a vigor amongst fellow sisters in Christ, who want to be zealously affected for the Lord's sake, who want to be mindful of Him and His Word, and who want to be an encouragement to their fellow sisters!
     Oh, and then there was last night.  Last night, after being rather ill all day with "the crud," (though I do have to praise God for it being minimal, compared to previous times), I was able to come to the living room to eat dinner (provided for by Ms. M) with Dear and watch some G-O-O-D preaching by Johnny Pope!  You can tell that he thoroughly studies God's Word, cultures of Biblical times, history, etc.  You can tell he throughly loves Christ!  The Bible simply flows out of his very being...I have never noticed him follow a set of notes, but rather keeps his Bible open and his heart humble...He is passionate, knowledgeable, and a mighty preacher by the grace of God!  Anyway, the preaching was very much appreciated by yours truly; for, I had not been able to get out of bed save for the occasional bathroom break, thus, no Bible time.
     The preaching fed my soul, and, as always, pointed me straight to my Great Saviour Jesus Christ.  It was a little over an hour long, but I would not have minded if it continued many more hours!  I am sharing it here for those of you who do not mind taking an hour to listen to this great message...Definitely worth the time!

     I pray that God's Spirit continues to have full sway of His people.  For those who are not of His flock, I pray that they soon realize how eternally important it is to belong to Him.  For those who are of His flock, I pray we realize, and act upon, the fact that we must be fully malleable by His Hands.  I may be but a simple housewife, but I cannot find a better life that one totally at His disposal! 

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