Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Soul-Winning Homemaker

     It seems that the Lord is reminding me ever fervently of the most important need of all:  telling others about Him.  Though it be important that I be a good homemaker, it is not the only role He has asked me to fill.  He has also asked me, and all the saved, to be soul winners.
     Whether it be through conversations pertaining to the catching away of the saints, news reports that confirm what Scripture already said, or preaching on the matter, I cannot escape the dire need to tell those who are blindly walking in this world that there is One who is the Light!  Whatever their thoughts, religions, etc...I must tell them that Jesus is the Answer, not anyone/anything else!
     Dear and I listened to a very good sermon by a pastor in Florida.  He went to the "down and out," (though, honestly, we all are "down and out" without Christ!), sharing the good, straight-to-the-point news of Hell and Christ's ability to save them from that destination.  Whew.  Makes me pray that I will do my part!
     If you have about 40 minutes to spare, here is the video.  I pray it moves your heart to reach the lost, even as a homemaker.  But, you may ask, what can I do?
     Do not be afraid to talk to your neighbor(s) about their religious beliefs, and to listen to them.  Then, if they are contrary to the Gospel, seek a good way to point the conversation to the truths of Scripture.  Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron at have great ways to help in such matters.
     Do not be afraid to live like you believe God!  Sure, we will fail, but God's grace compels us to do right, if you let Him!  People do observe and discern (judge) our behaviours.  Do we really believe what we say?  Is God only a Sunday dress?  Or, is He our very being; our very purpose for living?  How do they know that we have been saved from Hell?
     Do not be fearful of man's rejection of our offer(s) to attend church with us.  Sure, our pride is stung.  "They said 'no' to me...I just won't do that again."  Shame on me for being guilty of such thinking.  Also, do not be afraid to bring up God to them, again.  Though they may be unhappy with us for it, and we be uncomfortable, is their soul worth the keeping of our feelings and pride?
     I say all these suggestions (and there are always more...If you have any, please share!), being guilty of giving in to pride.  I am constantly fighting against it for the Gospel's sake.  I also say all these things with the understanding that there are proper ways of approaching people, having conversations, and such.  Again, I highly recommend Ray Comfort's approach.
     As I take care of my home, my family, my church, and so forth, I also need to be mindful of sharing Christ with others.  He did not mean for me to keep such WONDERFUL news to myself!  Who really wants to live eternity burning forever in unquenchable fires?  I did not, and I know no one else who really wants to have that final destination.

Growing Home

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"Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man." Colossians 4:6

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