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Why I Am Avoiding Halloween...And Other Things

     Why do we go "trick-or-treating?"  Why do we have parties to celebrate the "fun" of Halloween, or have a substitute for it?  Here is my take on it...
     I grew up going trick-or-treating.  I was always excited to get my costume, or wrangle one together with what we had at home.  I was thrilled to get candies, to get treats, to see others' costumes, to see the decorations, etc.  Yes, a lot of it was related to death.  Yes, many were related to "harmless" things:  such as fairies, princesses, superheros, and the like.
     When I was a young teenaged-woman, I picked up a small tract from the church our family was attending regarding Halloween's history.  Boy, it was not how I saw it!  I pushed it aside as "that was the past."  I did not really heed the pricking of God regarding the roots of this traditional holy day (holiday).  I wanted to keep with the fun!
     Well, fast forward to today.  You will not see me preparing for any kind of Halloween activity.  I do not even want to give the appearance of approval or activity of it on my part.  Just because others may do so, does not mean I want to keep my head in the sand about it (or any traditional holy days that are of unholy roots);. or pretend that the roots do not matter.  If the roots do not matter, why make such a fuss about the beginnings of the United States?  It does not matter from whence we came, only how we view things today...Right?  If roots do not matter, why the consistent debating regarding evolution and creation?
     I cannot agree to such thinking.  Roots do matter!  Here is an example:

"As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in Him:  Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving."
Colossians 2:6, 7

     I see here that roots do matter!  Paul, speaking to the Colossians, was reminding them of their holy root, thereby to live accordingly.  Even Christ, speaking to His apostles, said:  "Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me."--John 15:4
     I cannot, in good conscience before the One who died for me, patronize unholy festivities, no matter the fun of them.  Believe you me, I thoroughly enjoy the fall decor, the winter decor, the spring decor...Etc.  I enjoy the camaraderie, the presents, the feastings, the merriment, the pleasures afforded in these holy days (holidays).  Yet, I am constrained by the love of Christ to avoid them, now that I know the truth of their beginnings, and their still-yet devilish influences.

     I want, by the grace of God (and by His grace alone!), the world to see Christ in me!  I want them to see the joy of being born into God's family, belonging to Christ, living like Christ, being conformed into His image by God, the new life of being a co-heir with Christ; the abundant peace and joy that comes before, during, and after following the heart of God.  There is an indescribable delight, peace, joy, happiness, and pleasure to be found in being separated unto Christ.  
     Nothing more than delving into God's Word, seeking to rightly divide the Word of Truth; seeking to understand my Saviour, Creator, and Sustainer; seeking to be purged of sin and its despicable ways; seeking His handiwork in creation; seeking ways to reach those who are still blind; etc., gives me more excitement!  The world and all its fancies, its traditions, hold no candle to God's ways.  Sure, I may enjoy some of them, but if they are not something that God would participate in Himself; if they are something He wants me to avoid, then I will most gladly separate myself.
     I still am struggling with other sins in my life:  one in particular is my health.  I enjoy food.  I am bored by rote exercise.  Yet, I know that I must take care of the temple given to me by God.  So, I strive to mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically be further and further from those sins.  
     Yet, I still struggle.  That which I desire to do I do not, and that which I desire not to do, I do.  Yet, I find that there is salvation through Christ!  He will give me victory, for He has been victorious over sin!  I need only be faithful, and not backslide.  Yet, when I do backslide, faithfully go to Him for cleansing and to be set on the right path, again.
     There are sins, it seems, that are easier to "break" than others.  Avoiding unholy "holy days (holidays)" seems easier to me than the ones previously mentioned.  I guess I just see them as non-essential to my relationship with Christ.  The way I see it, for my life, is that by participating in them would set a stumbling block for those without Christ, and those weaker in the faith.  I do not desire to do either.  I also see participation in them as participating in the principalities' of darkness' traditions.  I do not wish to participate in their doings.
     Regardless of how innocent, opportunistic, or fun a festivity may be, I will do well to take no part in it.  I am a Christian.  I do not wish to participate in religious activities that have their origins from paganism.  
     The things I have "suffered" in my separation of these "holy days" are:  no bags full of treats/candies; no presents; no big dinners; frustrated/confused loved ones; name-calling; no seasonal decor; avoidance...I cannot think of much else.  What I have received in my separation are:  peace; joy; liberty; gifts from God all year 'round; clarity; a new appreciation for the liberty in Christ to be free from previously-necessary observances.
     Since I (being a woman) am to conduct myself as the Church to Christ, I must consider her ways.  She is to be unadulterated with the way of the world; to be purged of the leaven of sin.  She is to be presented as a Bride without spot or blemish.  I know Christ is doing all of that magnificent work in her.  A question I must constantly ask myself, then, is:  "Am I willing to be molded by Christ, even if it is contrary to tradition?"
     I am not looking for a popularity contest (definitely not winning points by sharing this belief!).  I am not trying to look "super spiritual."  I am concerned with souls.  I wish to see the lost become saved.  I wish to see my sisters in Christ (and brothers) grow in their walks.
     I do not wish to force you into my way of thinking.    However, I do wish to persuade you.  I can share the reasons why I avoid Halloween, (and some other holidays), and why I believe I found the necessity to do so based in Scripture.  

**Here are some links to information regarding the roots of the other holidays from which we have separated ourselves:  ChristmasValentine's DayEaster.

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  1. I agree with you, Renee. Right after my husband and I got saved, someone gave me a 3 page article explaining all the roots with Halloween and we immediately stopped celebrating....Even in the past when churches we've attended did a Harvest party...if it was on Halloween night...we had nothing to do with it. Harvest Parties are ok with us as long as they don't involve the halloween stuff (and aren't celebrated on halloween) and there are alot of things that people see as completely innocent that have really bad roots.

  2. The longer I'm saved the more I hate Halloween!


"Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man." Colossians 4:6

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