Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Watching Titus 2 Unfold

     A very special lady just left my home, a little over an hour ago.  She spent about two hours with me today, showing me the joys of making my own apple juice!  But, she gave me much more than that lesson.
     I do not like to inconvenience people...generally.  Most times, if I can figure out how to do something myself, I will.  It strengthens my homemaking arsenal to have knowledge for around the home.  Sometimes, though, I need to reach out to someone who is skilled in an area too intimidating for me.  So, I reached out to her.
     This lady is well-known to be busy.  Life for her is simply that way.  To get any extra time than I already receive is a rare gift that I do treasure, but have difficulty showing.  I just have a hard time showing my elder ladies in my life the love that wells up in me, without feeling like an idiot, from their gift of time, skill, and love to me.  So, I try really hard to shove it down (silently thanking God all the while).
     I respect this lady much.  She strives to serve God as He wishes.  I have learned much from her.
     Today, as we were sprayed by apple bits, enjoying the work (at least I did!), we talked.  We were able to catch up on one another's lives.  We were able to talk about God, and so many wonderful things about Him.
     I felt as though I were watching Titus 2 play out, right before my eyes!  Here, an elder woman, (though not old), sacrificing time to teach a younger woman skills to help her in her job as a homemaker.  Effortlessly through the process of making apple juice, we were discussing spiritual matters.  All these things encouraged me in the Lord.  How precious!
     I wanted to cry out of sheer appreciation to God for an answer to prayer.  But, I could not let her see those tears.  I feel it would have made us both uncomfortable.
     This gift is another gem in my treasure box.  I received a valuable skill, being able to make my own juice! In the process of processing apples, though, I received a gift that I cannot price.

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"Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man." Colossians 4:6

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