Friday, December 2, 2011

Studying Alone With God

            I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate studying the Bible with Dear.  He is such a great teacher to me.  He is a good counselor, too.  However, there are those times when he is unavailable, or those times that I simply need to have private time with God. 
            Those private times with God, where I study alone without the aid of my husband or any other teacher, are such special times.  I seek to have private times with Him every day; simply reading His Word.  Those other times, where I purpose to study His Word to understand something, are very precious.  I always leave those moments stronger in my faith, understanding, and trust in God.
            Recently I read the book of Colossians.  There were some questions I had pertaining to some of its verses, so I decided to read the whole book to receive the entire context.  Reading the entire book, with the context, has cemented in my heart and mind the understanding I needed, thus enabling me with the strength and boldness I need in my walk with the Lord.
            As I shared my notes over the reading I had with the book of James, so do I here with the notes I took with this book.  Again, reading the book in its entirety, coupled with the whole counsel of God’s word, has born a precious gift of understanding that is priceless! 


            A.        CHAPTER 1

1.         Paul blessed the Colossians and thanked God for their faith. (v.1-3)

2.         Paul told them how they always prayed for them, seeking their growth in the faith of Jesus Christ. (v.3-12)

3.         Paul reminded them of the precious gifts that came alongside the wonderful gift of salvation. (v.13-23)

4.         Paul reminded them of his calling in the Lord, his ministry in the Lord, and the preaching of the Lord. (v.23-29)

            B.        CHAPTER 2-4:6

1.         Paul told them of the great conflict he had for them and the Laodiceans, so that they would be comforted with the “full assurance of understanding” in Christ Jesus, and how he wanted to see them established in their faith, not smooth words. (v.2:1-8)

2.         Paul reminded them that their completeness was in Christ Jesus, not the vain traditions of men, religion, or the law.  They were not to uphold any ceremonies, observe any holy days and/or Sabbath days, observe any special diets, observe any special worship, in order to gain the favor of God.  All believers became free through Christ from those rudiments of the world.  (v.9-23)

3.         Paul expounded to the Colossians about true holy living, and about the equality found in Christ—that no one race of people was better than another.  He told them of the old ways to avoid, and the new ways in which to follow. (v.3:1-4:6)

            C.        CHAPTER 4:7-18

                        1.         Paul shared salutations and commendations. (v.7-15, 17, 18)

2.         Paul told them to share this letter with the Laodiceans, and to read their letter. (v.16)

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