Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Be Careful How You Pray...

...Because God does answer prayers!

     As I prayed this morning, I was sincerely wanting God's will in my life to be done today.  I did not want to be a hindrance to His plan(s).  I wanted to be focused in my morning devotion, I wanted to truly respond to His Word according to His pleasure.  I no longer want to just rush through it, get a little nibble, and not be meditating on His Word.
     ....So, He answered my request.  This morning God moved my heart to work on a Bible study I typically do in the evening.  Instead of being in my bedroom, He drew me to the living room with that study.  He brought me to a study and place in which I could meditate on what He had me study.  Indeed, the mornings are best for some good brain exercising!
     I was so touched in my spirit by the lesson God taught me.  I am still meditating on it.  I cannot help to do otherwise.  It was very revealing to me, and I know will be so as well for others.  Here it is:

One of the last questions on today's study dealt with comparing myself to the characteristics of charity.  I was to mark off those qualities I lack.  Needless to say, I was overcome with shame that I was not meeting God's holy standard of true love (charity).  However, I was overcome with encouragement to realize that the qualities Christ is and has, and daily exercises them towards me!  Therefore, I know that I can exhibit them as well, by His sovereign grace.  




Not envious

Not boastful

Not proud

Behaves seemingly (appropriately)

Not easily provoked

Thinks no evil

Doesn't rejoice in 

Rejoices in truth

Carries burdens

Has full faith

Has full hope

Has endurance

Never fails

     It was refreshing to look myself in the mirror of God's Word.  Indeed, He spoke to me through It.  I asked Him to speak, and He did.  LOUD AND CLEAR.  I have a lot of work to be done in my life, but thankfully, it's in the Lord's grace that it rests, not in my weak flesh.  How exciting it is, to be molded into a lady as Christ sees fit!

**If any are interested in this study, which has 30 separate lessons, please email me.  I can send you the link to the site that gives this study away free.  Warning:  it is not for the faint of heart, but for those sincerely wanting to be fashioned according to the Word of God.  I have learned much about myself in the light of His Word, particularly in the Scriptures dealing with lady-like behaviour, character, ladies of the Bible and their character, etc.


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