Monday, February 29, 2016

Molding Into A Mama: Part 4

     I remember the first time we saw our wee gift, via the ultrasound.  Our son, as we would learn, was looking right at us on the screen!  Our hearts were overflowing with gratitude!

     Of course, it took some time for him to show us he was a "he:" he liked his privacy.  Oh, but just seeing him, and knowing God was allowing him to be healthy... What a gift!

     Even though he was healthy, we still had our challenges.  I had to make sure to drink lots of water, eat right, and exercise.  Of course, when you are tired by all the baby-growing that your body is doing, you do not always feel like taking a thirty-minute walk.  You feel like lounging on the couch with some ice cream... Or, steak. ;-)

     Dear was ever faithful to keep me motivated and encouraged.  Our relationship grew exponentially throughout this journey.  If it were even possible, I dare say he became an even better best friend to me.

     Any time I was scared, lonely, or worried, he was right there for my comfort.  He always pointed me back to my loving Saviour.  So many prayers, so many Bible studies...Keeping my focus on Christ.

     One time, at a prenatal visit, the midwives asked how I was doing.  I was trying to hold it together, and keep a cheerful countenance.  However, be it my hormones, reality, or both, I burst into tears.

     I had just watched Jill Dillard's baby shower episode, the night prior to my appointment.  I could not help but be a bit saddened.  I knew I would not have such a treat.  I hated that I was having a hard time about it, too; especially after God had answered a decades-long prayer request!

     I did not want to be like Israel, and bemoan my lot.  I did not want to complain.  I shared all these things with the midwives and Dear sitting there.  They did not berate me.

    Dear lovingly held my hand.  He knew how protective I had become of my heart.  He did not lecture me later about "losing it" at the appointment.  He just held me, and loved on me.

     I did not know how the ladies would be.  We had a good repertoire.  However, I stayed pretty private with certain matters.  Yet, asking me about my situation, with tenderness, undid me.  Instead of being uncomfortable, they handed me tissues, acknowledged my heart, and said they would be praying.  Oh, how they blessed my heart!

     This moment with them was right before Mother's Day.   When Mother's Day arrived, I unknowingly was blessed!  I sincerely was not expecting anything.  Money was tight, and there were priorities.  Yet, Dear had made a sweet gift for me, as well as breakfast, that stopped me in my tracks.  Again, I was undone.

     Also that day, a dear young lady, whom I "adopted" years ago (along with many other young'ns at our old church), surprised me with a sweet Mother's Day text message.  I must tell you, God ministered to my undeserving heart in a most magnificent way, that day!  I just knew that this gift of a day, was an answer to those midwives' prayers.

    Yet, He was not done.  From the moment we announced my pregnancy, all the way to today, God has blessed us with all our needs, and then some!  Time and space would fail me, to list everything everyone has given, in blessings and provisions for our Li'l Man.

     I remember one day, sitting in the middle of our living room, overwhelmed at all God had done.  I was humbled.  These people, used of God, had blessed us beyond measure.  I deserved none of these provisions or blessings.  Yet, here we were, surrounded with them. 

    I knew there were way more important things with which to concern ourselves; way more important matters in life about which to pray, and over which to seek God's care. However, I do know that God cared enough to send these things our way, to use these people in our lives: teaching me so much.  Oh, how humbling an experience! 

     I mention things, and although I greatly appreciate and need(ed) them, what moved me the most was the thought... Being thought of... Being loved...

     The part I most desired, was being surrounded by loved ones in a most pivotal part of our lives.  At the time, I could not quite grasp what I was to learn, by not being in close proximity with those I loved.  Now, I think I have learned something from it.

     My reliance upon the Lord grew and deepened far beyond anything it once was.  The same is true with my relationship with Dear.  Those loved ones in my life?  How much more I cherished them!

     My appreciation became even greater for each need met, each gift given.  I do believe this gift of being with child became an even more cherished, intimate time for Dear and I:  simply because we had only the Lord and each other on a daily basis.  Each kick, flutter, hiccup; each new transition and milestone, was a special gift, for just the two of us.

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