Monday, February 22, 2016

Molding Into A Mama: Part 3

     Oh, how I greatly anticipated those prenatal appointments!  My midwife, and her assistant, became an oasis for me, whilst in a desert of womanly companionships.  Most of our loved ones, were many miles from us.  We, thankfully, had various means of communication; but, saving one beloved lady coming to visit for a couple days, we had no face-to-face interaction.

     Being fellow Christians, it was so comforting to be able to share a bit of my heart with them, and know they would be praying for me/us, and that they genuinely cared.  That one part of my midwife's care:  that of the heart (which plays a pivotal part in pregnancy, labor, delivery, and post-partum), solidified in me the wisdom of choosing her for our care.  Consistently spending an hour or so with her, and/or her assistant, at each appointment, they were able to know all of us, and vice versa, pretty well.  Our trust continued to grow:  we could see that the Lord was leading us in the right direction.

     She educated us in the kind of diet I should be doing:  for me, high in good protein, lots of dark, leafy greens, good supplements, LOTS of water, and so forth; coupled with regular walking, stretching, squats, and the like, were my tasks at hand.  However, I knew one could do all the right things, and still have poor outcomes.  I did not want to trust in my own abilities, my husband's abilities, or that of my caregivers, but rather my Great Physician and His use of us all in my life, and that of our child.

     Since I had much weight to spare, and sought to live well through this pregnancy, God surprised me:  I ended up losing weight, while my baby gained it.  Also, my blood pressure became the best I had ever seen it.  In fact, it became better the closer I came to delivering my child!

     One week before the time of our child's birth, I had leveled out to the weight in which I started at this pregnancy. Both Dear and I were stunned, and grateful!  I can take no glory in this blessing, but give all of it to God!  He is the one who enabled me, and cared for us.  I am humbled by this amazing gift that I received during my pregnancy!

     Each and every decision, we purposed to seek the Lord in prayer:  that He would bless us with His wisdom, and guidance; that He would enable us to do, and/or face, whatever He put in our path.  Our prayer life soared far beyond what it ever had been in the past.  Not only were we seeking my welfare, but that also of this precious child.

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