Monday, February 15, 2016

Molding Into A Mama: Part 2

     ... Everything seemed as a whirlwind.  Here we are, in new territory for us, (in more ways than one!), trying to navigate our new journey ahead of us.  We were regularly seeking God's direction, lest we err.

     Years gone by were full of "negative" pregnancy tests.  Never once did we get a "positive." All those dashed hopes, were now becoming a fading memory; and, that right quick!  With just that one "positive," then the second... Then, a third... And, lastly, the fourth...All our hopes of becoming parents were now a reality.

     After contacting the midwife we would use, we set about processing what was now happening in our lives.  We were having a child!  My, what did God have in store for us?

     I did not know what to expect from my new midwife.  She seemed pleasant when talking on the phone with me, and her little note attached to the paperwork she mailed to us was encouraging.  I was concerned, though:  I was an overweight woman, pregnant for the first time. Would she treat me as other medical professionals had, based upon my size?  Would we get along well?  Was she a good midwife?  So many unanswered questions we had.  We kept looking to the Lord, to see us through each one.

     Immediately upon meeting with her, my fears were relieved.  She treated me like any other woman, (for fellow ladies who have issues with their weight, would definitely appreciate that care!).  We met for a couple of hours, filling out much paperwork, as well as getting better acquainted with each other.

     Before leaving, she asked if we would like to see if we could hear our baby's heartbeat.  Would we ever?!  Laying down on the sofa, she prepped me for the very first moment of hearing that precious life growing inside of me.  Once we heard our baby, we were completely overcome.  Tears escaped our eyes.

     After that initial meeting, we started the process of monthly, then bi-monthly, then weekly, appointments.  We had also scheduled appointments with a nearby obstetrician, for routine tests, and that highly-sought-after ultrasound (checking our child's well-being, and gender!). 

     Dear accompanied me to every appointment.  He was my ever-faithful note-taker, and asker-of-pertinent-questions.  He prayed over us, and for us, consistently.  He was ever so dependable and involved.

     We both poured ourselves into research.  We wanted to be as educated as we possibly could, every step of the way.  We wanted to make the wisest decisions for myself, and our child.  Even though I had spent years prior to this pregnancy, investing multitudes of hours into research regarding birth (in or out of hospital), as well as other matters relating to fertility, I had to play catch up in my research regarding pregnancy, and post-partum care.  I never pursued those matters in great length, as most of my attention had been in becoming pregnant.  Now, I was!

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