Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Thursday 7 #4

     Such a needed way to start my day:  in thanksgiving.  By God's grace, I will have a thankful heart, rather than a bitter one.  Well, He has given me many things, then, for which to thank Him!

  1. Having Him as my Father:  As time passes, I am finding His love to be ever so tender and sweet.  I may not understand why He chooses to do what He does, but that does not change His sweet love.  I am blessed to be a recipient of His love!
  2. Getting to know Him more:  Again, as time passes, I am finding Him that much more desirable.  Though Satan would like me to think otherwise, He is the most approachable person I know:  thanks to Jesus Christ!  I love His heart.
  3. Freedom from religion:  Knowing the Lord Jesus Christ, belonging to Him, has freed me from the bonds of religion.  There are times I find myself, slipping back into self-righteousness.  Yet, God is ever so faithful to remind me that I am secure in His grace; and, that the reason I live the way I do, is to be out of love for Him, and no other reason.  I love that He has given me the freedom to love Him, to follow Him, and to live for Him:  that I do not bear the weight of my salvation--He does.
  4. Second...Third...Fourth...Gazillion chances!  Oh, if I only had one opportunity to "get it right," whatever that "it" is, oh, my!  Yet, I have been blessed with too many opportunities to count, to try again.  Oh, the mercy of the Lord, truly is abundant and abounding!
  5. My Comforter, Teacher, and Friend:  The Holy Ghost has been an amazing Friend to me.  His relationship with me is totally unmerited, on my part.  I, again, am blessed to have Him indwelling me:  comforting me, teaching me, convicting me, protecting me...And, oh, so much more!  
  6. YouTube:  though there are many things on there, that I would not recommend, there are many things, that I would recommend!  I have been blessed to learn from many teachers, such as:  Sister Eleanor , Brother Bryan, Brother Mike and Sister Debi, Temple Baptist Church (pastored by Brother Charles Lawson), and many others.  I have been able to find countless fix-it videos, to aid in home/vehicle repairs; lessons on recipes, that we have thoroughly enjoyed; lessons of becoming more self-sufficient (though, I admit, I have yet to put many of these things to practice).  As I heard katzcradul put it one time, and I affectionately call it now:  "YouTube University."
  7. Books:  I am thankful for books!  Oh, how I have often enjoyed a good book!  I hope to replenish our depleted library (due to many losses in a storage flood).  I had gotten carried away, for a time, with watching television:  all.the.time.  Prior to which, I filled my mind with good (and, not good) writings.  By the grace of God, I will have more discernment of what I read.  Oh, I just love sitting in a bookstore, or a library, surrounded by literature!  I used to be a librarian's assistant at school, and seriously contemplated going to school to get a Library Science's degree.  Alas, I did not.  And, no, I cannot recount the Dewey Decimal System for you.  And, yes, I do enjoy separating non-fiction and fiction; biographies from autobiographies; and, of course, alphabetically.  I also enjoy categorizing them, according to their function.  Have I started that up, yet, in my new abode....Not quite.  Does that make me strange?  Well, I just look at myself as being "peculiar."  I do believe that God says something about that, somewhere in the New Testament. ;)
**I do hope you are enjoying this series.  I pray that they are edifying to you, and encouraging you to find all the things for which you can thank the Lord.  I do hope you consider joining, as I do so enjoy celebrating in others' praises!  It is a glorious thing, to praise the Lord, together!  Will you not join?  It need not be elaborate, unless your heart so desires, for the glory of God.  Sometimes the simplest things, are the most profound.  Elaborate, simple, a mixture of both, giving praise to God is wonderful!  If you would like to join me, please write a post, akin to this one.  Then, share the link in the box below.  If you do not have a blog, please share your thanksgivings in the comments section below.  I look forward to hearing your praises!**

Graced Simplicity

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