Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Thursday 7 #3

     So far, my week has gone smoothly.  Today, I received some saddening news:  a loved one's husband, is gravely ill, and needing a touch from the Lord; also, an uncle is consumed with cancer (yet, he knows the Lord, so there is no sadness in my heart at his departing; only his current suffering!).  Yet, there are still things for which I can thank the Lord:

  1. I was able to hear my baby brother's voice.  It had been quite some time since I last spoke with him.  I'm so very glad to see how much of a man he's become.
  2. My uncle, who knows Christ.  Though his leaving will inevitably bring sadness, it is only temporary!  I will get to see him, again!
  3. My husband's ability to learn a whole new trade, in a whole new area of the world.  God graciously gave him a man from whom to learn, who is a fellow brother in Christ:  who took a chance, investing in him.  Seeing the fruit that has been borne, through this relationship, as well as my husband's new skills, is very humbling, exciting, and great cause for thanksgiving!
  4. My new schefflera tree, that Dear bought for me at the store.  It was a spontaneous, inexpensive, but thoughtful gift!  I love indoor plants, and this is just one of many I hope to bring into our new abode.
  5. Modern technology:  through which, I'm able to stay in communication with those I love, and vice versa.
  6. Wiser saints:  from whom I learn how to be, and get to witness the Lord using them, marvelously!
  7. Conviction of the Holy Ghost:  through Whom I am corrected, guided, instructed, and comforted, to say the least!

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