Thursday, August 21, 2014

I Am My Father's Daughter, Part 2

God was not about to let my life be wasted!

     I may have been bombarbed by Satanic lies, but Christ is a great deliverer!  He came, and pulled me out of harm's way, where He could tend to my wounds.  He also placed me in a setting, wherein He could see to it that I would mature...finally.

     Though there was much pain, at the beginning, I will forever be grateful for the work that had to be done.  All those years ago, when Christ adopted me, I had no idea the depths of His love!  I am still seeking to learn, and grasp it!
     Though He need not do so, time and time again, He proves Himself to me.  Not that I am asking Him to prove Himself.  He, I believe, is showing me how He loves me, as my Father.  He is teaching me that kind of love, that I so desperately needed, and need.  
     He has never disowned me; as I have been disowned, by others.  He has never forsaken me, as others have forsaken me.  He has never abused my heart, as others have abused it.  He has never used me for sick pleasure, as others have.  He has never shown tyranny with me, as have others.  He has never treated me, as I have treated Him; or, how I have treated others.  He has never lost His temper with me, beaten me, lied to me, mocked me...He is showing me, always, amazingly, that I am precious to Him.  What a thought.
     Though I am much older than the girl I was, the night I cried out to Him, I still need my Father.  I always will.  
     I will always need Him.  I cannot live this life, without His steady hand, holding mine.  If I do not keep my sights on Him, as He leads, I will fall by the wayside.  Then, as always, He will have to come and drag me out of the ditch.  Oh, how grateful I am that He does!
     There are times, too many to count, that I give the enemy opportunity to blaspheme God's name.  When I realize what I have done, it grieves my heart.  After all He has done for me:  I return Him in kind, in that way?!
     There are plenty of folks, who are there to remind me, when I err.  Sadly, I have also been on the other end...Just ask Dear.  Despicable of me, I know.  Especially when the Lord would not have me pointing out his mote, whilst I have a beam...And, especially, when I know the pain of pointing fingers.
     Though I fail Him, I am still His child!  The devil would like to convince me that my relationship is contingent upon my behaviour.  However, there is nothing that would separate me from His love!  I do not have liberty, though, to go and behave poorly.  I am carrying His name.


     Since learning from great errors of my own, I have been passionate about helping other Christians.  I do not desire to see them, or myself, grow complacent in our relationship with Jesus Christ.  He is worth too much.
     I do not want to be, nor do I want to see my Christian family, flirting with Satan.  Oh, the temptations are strong.  Yet, we have a stronger Lord!
     I have learned, and will always learn, how very much I need to lean upon Jesus.  I have no strength, in and of myself.  I do not care how redundant I am, on this matter:  it is something of which I need reminded, and others need to hear.
     Life on earth, is much too short, to be wasted.  I am all too familiar with wasting my life, instead of redeeming it.  Yet, my desire is to redeem it!

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