Wednesday, May 28, 2014

W.o.W. Wednesday!

     I do not know everyone's position on street-preaching.  Myself, I have gone back and forth in my affections for it.  I have seen men (and, women) do it both well, and poorly.
     Being married to a preacher, has given me opportunity to listen to a variety of other preachers (tends to go with the territory).  Some of them do, or have in the past, street preach.  Others, do not.
     This video I am sharing today, is of one man from whom I have been greatly blessed.  We have heard many of his sermons over the years.  There was a time he even gave good, Biblical counsel (over the phone) to Dear; and, he does not even personally know us.
     This video is of him teaching why he is a pastor that street preaches.  I believe it is a well-prayed-up, and well-versed-in-Scripture, sermon on the matter.  I pray you avail yourself of this sermon, and at least get a better understanding of those Christians who go out and share the Gospel in this manner.  I know it helps me understand them better!

P.S.  My husband is a street preacher.  And, I love that he has a heart to be a "fool" for Jesus.  His example encourages me to be a better witness for our Saviour.

Yes, this is my husband's hand, holding what once was his Bible.  It's now in the possession of his sister, whom he desires to see saved.

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"Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man." Colossians 4:6

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