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Why I Stopped Covering My Hair

...All manner of clothing!  Yet, there is one particular item I seek to talk about today:


...There, I said it.  That is the matter of which I desire to speak to you today...

     What I am about to share with you, is a matter near and dear to me.  It is not a topic that is widely acclaimed, yet it is one spoken of in the Scriptures.  It is one that set me apart.  Though it set me apart, it also drew me in to where I am today.  
     This matter, in my honest opinion, is really a minute matter, compared to other doctrines of the Bible.  Sure, I do believe every part of the Bible is essential; yet, I see that some matters are weightier than others.  However, I am bringing this matter to the light today, because of the impact it has made in my life...

...What is the "big deal?"

     Well, if you were the Christian lady, whom for years never even thought of wearing such a thing on her head...If you were the Christian lady, who drew immediate attention to herself, once putting said-item on her head, from those of whom did not see said-practice coming...If you were the Christian lady, who drew attention while out-and-about...You would understand.  Folks' reactions became the big deal for me...At least, in the beginning.
     The stares, questioning glances, avoidance, and disapproval were all intimidating.  Not many asked my reason why; and for those who did, I was rather ill-prepared to answer.  I had been shaken by the avoidance of others, the condemning accusations, or the condemning looks, to confidently share my "why."  However, I knew why, and was confident in my reason, and wanted an opportunity to share.
     I also wanted to share my reason, for any other Christian women who are/were in my shoes.  I remember how difficult it was for me, to find other women who were "like me."  Those precious few, (and those who may not have practiced the covering, but respected it/me), were truly a God-send to me.
     So, I have written a book.  Last year, I had much time to sit and think.  My husband and I were in an "in-between" time of our lives, so I took advantage of it.  
     I am still fairly new to this practice.  I only started "covering" in November 2012.  I have learned various ways to "cover."  I am still learning about it, just as I am still learning about all matters of dress.  Yet, the Lord has taught me so much about it and Him, through the study of the doctrine.
     Before I wrote this book that I now desire to share with you, I was very timid in explaining my reasoning.  I did not, and still do not, like confrontations.  It has become easier, now that I have really been the "oddball."  Seriously, think about it:  How many church folks do you know that go around wearing snoods/kerchiefs/coverings of any sort, due to 1 Corinthians 11?  I would gander to say, not many...To none at all!  Can you understand why I may have been looked upon with great interest?
     There have been many sweet blessings, since I started practicing it.  I do not wish to leave folks with the idea that it is all some rigid, religious, holier-than-thou-attitude, burdensome thing I do.  No, the only burden I had was considering the thoughts of men (and women).  The blessings have been akin to when I started dressing modestly...

     I know I am not the only one.  In fact, the first Christian "covering" lady I "met" was in a similar situation as myself, though years preceding me:  who, I am privileged to say, is my friend.  (You can find her writing here.)  There is another lady, whom I know of, that had gone through a similar experience.  So, I am not the only one.
     Now that I am unashamedly a peculiar lady for Christ, in this regard, I come back to the reason for this post:  to share why I am so living.  So, without further ado, I am sharing my book with you.  I do hope you will read it, and all the way to the end.  I look forward to hearing your considerate thoughts on the matter!


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    1. You're welcome. God gets all the praise!

  2. Really good stuff here! I am blessed by this (I'm a 'fulltimer btw :) ) And I trust God will use all these wonderful thoughts to His honor and glory. May I ask a question, however? Can we live in sin and consider ourselves saved? If the answer is 'yes'.. I'd be grateful to understand that. It seems the answer should be 'no' to me. If the answer is no.. may I ask another question? Isn't walking in daily disobedience to a command of scripture - sin? Would love to hear your thoughts. And then... one more question! May I share the link to this little booklet on my blog? (withpropriety.blogspot.com)

    1. Hi! I apologize for the delay in responding to you. I have been thinking often of your questions, and have been asking Dear, so as to give you a well-thought-out response. Also, I had guests over for the weekend, which took up our time. :)

      Regarding living in sin, and being saved. I am assuming that you are referencing a continual, unrepentant lifestyle of sin. If so, I would dare say an unrepentant, unchastened soul living a continuous lifestyle of sin would be an unregenerate, lost person. Someone who is committing sin, with marks of chastening, I would presume to say is probably saved. I believe we are capable of still sinning (because of our flesh; Romans 7), but that our heart's desire is not to offend the one who suffered for our sins!

      I do hope this helps answer your question. If there is needed further clarification, please don't hesitate to ask! And, again, I thank you for sharing my e-book. I pray that it blesses sisters.

  3. Hello Renee, I am the husband of a fulltimer who was also moved upon by The Holy Spirit to obey the command to cover; actually around November of 2012. I just wanted to Praise our Holy Father who has gifted you to produce such a 'case for covering' in your book "Why I started covering my hair". Julie was convicted to obey the command to cover during a very challenging time where I had been journeying off of The Way in my sojourn. She had decided to undertake a serious Biblical study of everything The Word says regarding women and wives. She was lead by The Spirit to obey what The Word says regarding all aspects of how a lady and a wife is to carry herself as a Christ-follower on The narrow path. Julie began doing all of this despite the fact that I was not obeying what The Word commands for a man and husband. By her doing this, it didn't take long until it had impacted me so greatly that my wife would submit to my leadership(as lacking as it was) and remained meek and still all the while I was not being the spiritual leader or loving her as Christ loves The Church. To keep it concise, our Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty has completely transformed our marriage and all aspects of our Christian walk! He has so radically transformed both my wife and myself into the man and woman, and husband and wife that He commands us to be that I cannot type the words that describe the thankfulness and gratitude I have to the only One that could produce such a transformation. I am fully convinced in my own mind that Julie's obedience in wearing the head covering was in fact the spark that lit the blaze, that I fervently pray, The Holy Spirit like a mighty rushing wind will continue to fan throughout our sojourn!! Nothing but The Blood of Jesus

    1. Dear Sir,

      Thank you for sharing God's work in your wife's life, whereby you were reconciled unto Him! It is always convicting to me, to hear of women who put 1 Peter 3 into practice; so often, I find myself speaking with words, more than my actions. Thank you for such a good reminder, by the example you shared!

  4. Thank you for sharing your book and your testimony, and for providing encouragement to those who stand on the brink of covering, and tremble a bit. It can be an intimidating journey, but one that brings so many blessings.
    Pax Christi!

  5. I am thankful, in Christ, to have been a blessing to you!


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