Monday, October 7, 2013

Picking Back Up Into My Journals

     Today, I picked up my journal and decided to start writing in it, again.  Since about 12 years ago or so, I have neglected faithful writing in my journal.  I used to do it regularly; I guess once I met Dear, I had another source of communication. :)  Poor Dear.
     However, I have been noticing a common thread of late:  friends suggesting me to write in a journal.  Thoughts of "Maybe I should journal?"  Hmm...Methinks God is telling me something.
     I have to say, when I started it up today, it was refreshing!  There were many teary-eyed moments; for, much of what has occurred in my life of late has been strenuous.  I am selective of my sources of wisdom and confidence:  seeking only those I truly believe will help me be faithful in my walk with Christ, challenging me to go to Him, pointing me to Scripture, helping me cope according to truth.  Yet, I still needed to write.
     I do pray that I will remain faithful to it.  I remember the pleasure I had writing every day, or nearly every day, in bygone days.  Unfortunately, I threw many of those journals away, at the counsel of one whom I wish I never would have listened.  Instead, I wish I would have ripped out those pages that were of question:  those pages recorded many of the happenings of my life during my wayward years.
     There is one journal that my youngest sister brought to me last year on their visit to me.  As I read the pages, many memories flooded my mind.  Some were happy, some were sad.  It was very interesting to note the transition in my life of a young lady seeking to follow God with all her being, to a lady being seduced by the lusts before her.  It was as if one page was of a young lady following after God, and then I turned the page to find her fallen down.
     After I finish the current journal I am using, I plan to pick back up in the one my sister brought to me.  It will be interesting, because the last entry was years ago!  However, I think it will be exciting to see how God brought that young lady back to Himself.  :)

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