Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Sparrow Found A House Book Review!

     I have stayed away from fictional books for quite some time now.  Too often they promote fantastical ideas that are contrary to the word of God:  whether it be the story line, the creatures/characters, how people are interacting one with another in the story, the desires it promotes in its readers, etc.  I have found it best, for me and those who seek my advice, to stick with non-fiction reading materials.
     However, I recently had the delight to read a piece of fictional material, that captivated me!  It is titled, "The Sparrow Found A House."  I had a difficult time stopping my reading pace, for I desired to devour this book!  It had me weeping, rejoicing, contemplating--all in a God-fearing manner.
     This book was written by a young man, Jason McIntire.  He writes from a novel perspective...Pun intended. :) His premise is to glorify Christ, showing the blessings of a walk with Him, promoting God-fearing homeschooling in a favorable light, all the while being "real."  This book never made me think, "That wouldn't happen in 'real' life."
     Not often have I heard of fictional books that are favorable to the God-fearing, homeschooling, families of the world.  This book is not just entertaining, but an exhortation to all Christians.  I will admit, this book was the first fictional one that caused me to seriously contemplate the way I live my life for Christ.
     This book is written for those of the "teen-age" years, yet, I was completely absorbed in it!  (And, no, I will not be sharing my age with you. :D)  I do believe that this novel will be a blessing to readers of any age.
     The characters in this book resonated with me:  whether I could identify with qualities in them (past or present), or whether I could see what needed worked on in me.  They had very real-to-life issues, for every age or walk of life.  It was interesting to watch how each person in this book reacted/responded to each situation presented unto them.
     I highly recommend this book to families with children.  Of course, parents, you will want to read it first.  However, I do believe that you will have no problem allowing your children to read it.  In fact, you may want to create a story night, (if you do not already have one), to read it to them!
     Personally, I plan on getting printed copies for certain folks in my life.  I have a whole host of people that come to mind, that I believe would be blessed by it.  Maybe you do, too...After you read it. :)
     How can you get your hands on a copy?  Well, here are some ways:

  1. To receive a print edition:  go to Elisha Press, scroll down to "Order Softcover," use my code (RENEE61313) to receive $4 off the price, and receive a signed copy from the author.  :)
  2. To receive a free e-book edition:  go to Elisha Press, scroll down to "Download E-book."  Follow instructions for your particular e-book reader.
  3. Preview online, the entire book, for free!  Go to Elisha Press, scroll down to "Preview Online," click on the highlighted link, and enjoy!
     Tomorrow, I will be sharing an interview I did with the author.  Please come back tomorrow, to get to know the man behind the book!  I promise, you will not be disappointed!  (P.S.  The review I have given for this book is my own honest opinion, and without profit.  Also, I receive NO financial benefit from folks purchasing books using my code.)  

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