Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"Rapture-Palooza:" Spoof of the Rapture Defiling Christ

     So, I saw a reference to "Rapture-Palooza."  Yes, you heard me right, "Rapture-Palooza."  Needless to say, I was curious as to what this "thing" was.
     Apparently, it is a spoof on Jacob's Trouble, as seen in the book of Revelation (what many refer to as "The Great Tribulation").  Yes, folks, God's Word is being parodied.  What a shame.
     I was greatly angered by the blatant disrespect shown for the Almighty God, Creator, and Saviour.  I was also greatly burdened about my part.  What am I doing, or neglecting, that would bring blasphemy to God?
     So, I am purposing to be more diligent in my love for God!  I am going to show Him more reverence, study His Word even more, and be ready to always point to the only important one, ever:  Jesus Christ!  I do not desire to be a part, directly or indirectly, of such wicked and lewd behavior.  I must not shame Him!

A Brother's Response To This Wicked Video

**I can say that I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with Brother Bryan in this video!  When I first saw the trailer to this video, to come to theaters on June 7th, I was INFURIATED!  I pray that souls who are contrary to Christ become reconciled, but I also pray that Christ returns soon!**

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