Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Saturday

     So, what to do on a warm, partially sunny Saturday?  Run errands.  Fix truck.  Do chores.  Have a cook-out!
     We had planned on having over some friends-family that we have not had over for a while, and are excited about it!  We love this family so much:  God has immensely blessed them by their presence in our lives.  This time ought to be delightful!  With some good food on the menu, and good fellowship, I am also *hoping* that we can get some fun game time/s going on over here.  ;)
     I am trying a thrown-together marinade on the chicken we are grilling; I will let you folks know if it is palatable, and if so, share it.  :)  We have asked them to bring a dish that they are happily known for making.  I am also going to make some sort of potato dish, a green salad, and a fruit salad.  There is also a fresh fruit tea!
     That all just sounded so good for a warm spring evening affair!  I pray it all turns out well...If not, well, at least I know their dish did, and we can order take out for them!  ;)  Most of all, I pray that the Lord is blessed, and they are blessed, by us.
     I am also happily anticipating tomorrow's gathering with some friends-family.  We will be having another Bible study and singing time together.  It has been a blessing for us in many ways:  a time to grow, a time to nurture, a time to be nurtured, a time to learn, a time to teach, a time to worship God.
     Every time we come together with these folks, it is as though we have never parted.  We are family, thanks to Jesus Christ!  It is wondrous, to see and experience, how the Lord molds and shapes us, and blesses us with one another.  I am so thankful to be a part of a large family...The family of God.
     On that note, I shall end for now.  We are needing to prepare for our folks coming over here.  But, I leave you with the recipe of a very refreshing drink!

Very Berry Fruity Tea

2 Packets of Tazo Tea's Passion Tea (They are in a large, loose-leaf bag)
Washed, Rinsed, Sliced Strawberries & Cherries (As many as you like)
1 Peeled & Sliced Tangelo
2 quarts boiling water
2 quarts cold water
As much sweetener to your taste (Honey, Sucanat, Coconut Sugar, Etc.)

Place tea bags in a 4 qt. pitcher.  Boil 2 quarts water.  As water boils, prepare fruit.  Once water is in a rolling boil, pour into pitcher.  Let steep for 8-10 minutes, then take out tea bags.  Pour in 2 quarts cold water.  Immediately add sugar and prepared fruit, then stir.  Enjoy!  (Pour over ice in glasses, enjoy warm, let sit to get to room temperature...Whatever your fancy!)

P.S.  What is "friends-family," you may ask? It is : folks that are not biologically our family, but are our family nonetheless. :)

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  1. I think your tea recipe sounds wonderful. I hope to try it soon. May the Lord bless your day and your family!! Thank you for visiting me :)


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