Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Widow In Need

     As I have been quiet here for a while, much longer than I like, I pondered on what to write.  Again, it is not due to a lack of material, but rather prudence.  I did not want to stay silent.  Then, this evening, God gave me something to share...
     This post is not in regards to me, but another.  I have never met this lady, and until today was ignorant of her blog.  But, my dear friend Gail contacted me regarding this lady, and I needed to act.
     Mae is a recent, unexpected widow.  Her story you can find here, which will take you to the benevolent page erected to help her and her son, whom she still home schools.  I pray you will visit.
     She is in a dire place.  She has little income, she has a son who is dependent upon her care, and a modest at-business.  She no longer has her beloved with whom to love.  She DOES have her Lord, to whom her beloved went.  Will you pray with me for her?
     There will be updates, as I am able.  Feel free to join up on the benevolence page!  Let us see what The Lord will do!

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  1. Hey Renee,dropping in , the guys went to a dirt track race,so I am catching up on some blogs L)
    How did your week go?+++


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