Monday, August 20, 2012

Her Loving Father

The mind clouds,
The heart aches.
The world drowns
All that God states.

Fear grips the soul;
Overwhelms the senses.
You know Satan feels victorious
As your being tenses.

Crying out to God
Is all you know to do.
You implore Him to rescue
As Satan seeks to pursue.

You are immobile; 
You feel alone.
You are confused.
You feel withered to the bone.

You know God is the answer,
Yet you wait for some "feeling;"
Of relief, joy, 
Anything to keep you from reeling...

...Into despair, frustration, or doubt.
You do not wish to harm God with these things.
You know He died for you,
Saving you and placing you under His protective wings!

Your heart and mind know,
But yet you are locked by the flesh's grip.
You know Jesus Christ has been victorious,
And He will equip...

...You, if you but seek...
If you but kneel...
If you but trust...
And not "feel."

Oh, how the flesh is strong,
And the spirit weak!
You want to give Him your all;
This way is how you speak...

...To Him, who is able to deliver
You from the pangs of sin, 
The frustrations of injustice,
Of the pains within...

...Your heart.  The years of not knowing
The tender touch of a father.
Mostly pain, fear, wrath, impatience...
Making your soul as a feather...

...Trembling in the wind;
Not understanding the gentleness, patience, and delight
That God has for His own.
For when you sin, there is a touch of fright;

Not wanting to incur the frustrations of your Father,
In regards to your sinful ways.
Yet, when you see Jesus in the Bible
It is as if to your heart He does say:

"Peace be still.  I AM the Good Master.
I AM your loving Father.
Do not see Me as an earthly man:
Full of sin and fodder.

"See Me as I say I AM.
Take comfort in my strong arm.
Those arms which desire to embrace you:
In purity, justice; not harm.

"Yes, you are to fear Me,
But not as a kicked dog.
I adopted you when I saved you.
I pulled you from the miry bog...

"...I cleaned you with My shed blood.
I clothed you in My righteousness.
I see my precious daughter when I see you.
When I look at you, I see Jesus:

"I see the Saviour who rescued you, 
When you called out to Me.
I see purity, I see the daughter
I cannot wait to see.

"In Heaven some day, we will meet face-to-face.
I know it is hard for you to comprehend
The love I have for you.
But, you can trust Me to the end.

"I will not give up on you.
Can you not recall?
All those times you were unfaithful,
But I was ready at your contrite call.

"I put you back where I wanted you to be.
I cleansed you, and set you free.
I gave you victory over sins
That hindered your communion with Me.

"I know that a good father is foreign to you.
I know you have difficulty understanding what many others do.
Yet, I will help you understand Me;
My daughter of the few.

"Few there be that find Me; 
But, you found that Well:
When you believed on the Saviour Jesus Christ
To redeem you from Hell.

"Living Water started flowing within
Your very soul that night.
That source shall never dry;
For it derives from Me, the Father of Light.

"I promise to never leave you nor forsake you;
You can trust Me.
You may not trust another,
For they can never be...

"...The Holy One of Israel; The Prince of Peace;
The Eternal Father; The Son of God;
The Great I AM; The Son of man...

"Do not fret; be not full of care.
Your help does not come from man.
I will comfort you.
I will dam...

"...The rushing flood of emotions
Seeking to o'erwhelm you.
The fiery darts of Satan;
His minions that wait for the cue...

"...To tempt you to sin--
Do not fear, for I AM here!
I AM your Father!
Victory is near!"

Thus these words seem to fill your heart
As you pray and read;
Seeking a refuge in the stillness
Of the presence of the One whose blood ran red...

...Down the cross of Calv'ry;
For you, for all people.
His nail-scarred hands will do you much better
Than the church building with the highest steeple.

Yes, the preaching of God does your soul much good;
When plagued with fears, frustrations, and recurrent sin.
Yes, you are but flesh; that God knows right well.
For you He did condescend.

Much comfort do you receive
When the Gospel of Christ is rehearsed to your heart.
Much comfort do you receive,
For He shall never depart...

...From you; remember, He dwells within.
He made His abode when He saved your soul.
He will work to make you as He says
in His Holy Bible.

Oh, the comfort that Book brings!
Oh, what peace floods the soul,
As you rehearse God's Word over and over
In your mind; the Word that made you whole!

So, always remembering when trials and tribulations come--
To go to where you will hear God talk:
The Bible, His Holy Word.
Then again, He will help you as you walk...

...With Him; for, He does not seek
To harm His daughter.
He seeks to perfect her:
He is her loving, perfect Father.

copyright Renee from I Am The Clay, 2012. Permission granted to use, at request.

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