Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2012 August Day Book

Outside my window...

...I see the beautiful sunlight, clear blue skies, and our in-much-need-of-repair wooden fence.

I am thinking... incomprehensible is the fact that Jesus loves me!

I am thankful for...

...Providential appointments.

In the kitchen...

...awaits dinner to be prepared.

I am wearing... comfortable nightgown.

I am creating...

...a new batch of deodorant.

I am going... church prayer meeting tonight.

I am wondering...

...what to do with the landscaping rocks we just got for free!

I am reading...

..."Conquer Your Fear/Share Your Faith" by Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort.

I am hoping... never lose the overwhelming gratuitous heart for Christ; to never lose the awe that His grace reaches me; to never lose the amazement of living under His grace; to never forget that He hid me from God's wrath when I knelt at His cross!

I am learning...

...that I have so much to still learn about God, Jesus, and His Spirit.

Around the house...

is cleanliness and orderliness, with a touch of whimsy.

I am pondering...

...what the Lord is trying to get us to see.

A favorite quote of the day:

"We are living on this side of the cross (in reference to the law [Judaism] and grace [Christ's atonement])!"

One of my favorite things... essential oils.

A few plans:

  1. Finish the organization of the grocery list
  2. Purchase more essential oils
  3. Purchase glass & wood mixing bowls
  4. Purchase glass jars with glass lids for those things I make with bentonite clay
  5. Finish the dress I started last year
  6. Keep searching craigslist for free stuff that we need/want (without going overboard)
  7. After finishing my daily readings through the Old Testament, (already finished the New Testament), start a study on the personality of Christ:  to get to know my Saviour better!
A peek into my day:

copyright I Am The Clay

Growing Home

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  1. I'm stopping by from Growing Home. I too like essential oils, and I need to create some more homemade toothpaste. :) Blessings.


"Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man." Colossians 4:6

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