Thursday, April 5, 2012


     Today, like all days, is a day wherein I may reflect upon the fact that I am a blessed lady. No matter the storms of life, I am in the very capable hands of my precious Heavenly Father and Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. I have eternal, unchangeable, unmeritable salvation in Him who died in my stead...Blessed indeed!
     For the past month, I have rarely written outside the "Better-Body-Steward" series. The "break" was refreshing, though I did feel out of the loop. I still do, since we are still without a working laptop. Nevertheless, we are supremely blessed to have free use of our brother's iPad!
     I have been reading the book of Romans for my devotional time this month. The book prior was Revelation. Coupled with those two books, I have been dwelling upon Christ's return more. It causes a multitude of thoughts and emotions.

Let me share.

     I am saved, praise Christ, through His incomprehensible work of free salvation unto all who believe! I know that I am going to dwell with Him some day; be in Heaven, the new Jerusalem, the new earth, get to see Him face-to-face, sing to Him, hear His voice, receive a new name from Him, plus see/meet all other justified saints. There is so much awaiting for His blood-bought children, (of which I may lay claim), that my mind cannot absorb the thought! Can you?
     Of course, whenever I start mentioning, inwardly or outwardly, those blessed joys, I get weepy. I am overcome with emotions inexpressible. Getting to meet the One in whom I put my trust, in person.... There are other thoughts that enter my mind. Though getting to be with Christ, Dear, and other saints, forever, is indeed a joyous some-day reality, I know that it is only for some. I know that there will be folks: family, friends, acquaintances, strangers, grocery store clerks, enemies, who will not be there. It is their choice, yes.
     Yet, I feel a strong urgency to tell them: whether as a reminder, or for the first/last time, that He is coming again; and, when He does, He is coming as King, not as Lamb. Those thoughts burden my soul. I know I am limited in my capabilities, compared to God. I also know I can do more to ever be a witness for Him.
     Though My station is at home, I can do much from the fort. I can send letters, give calls, PRAY, etc. I can be fully submitted to the Lord so that His light, His joy, HE may shine from me. I just need to be willing, and then do. I cannot help but fear for those who choose to stay in their sins. To not desire the precious gift of God, but rather desire to be judged upon their own works--how frightening! The Lord says all have come short, and those not in the book of life will be tossed in the lake of fire.
     Oh, how precious, how blessed is my salvation in Christ! How wonderful to know that "It is finished," and that I am no longer under His righteous wrath! Though I will spend forever with my God, (another incomprehensible thought), I know I will see works be burned in the trying fire. I am terrified to suffer loss that could have been avoided by simple, joyful obedience. Yet, that is my lot. I do seek to do what I can with what time the Lord spares for me to be a sweet child and servant unto Him.
     Though feelings come and go, I want His spirit to sustain and direct me, not my heart. Then, when I see Him, I may not suffer too much loss. So many thoughts, too little time and space! I could continue sharing all the wondrous, terrifying, humbling thoughts that come at the thought of Christ's return!
     When I hear a distant noise: "Is that the Lord? Is it time to go? Oh, what about those I love, who I KNOW don't have His salvation?!". How my heart is breaking even now at the thought! To be caught up in the air with Him, yes, brings such joyous rapture and excitement!
      However, my heart breaks at the loss of those left behind. Oh, how I long to see all put their faith in Christ, live a complete living sacrifice for Him, and give Him glory forever! I must do more of it myself, as reading these two great books remind me. Musing upon God, what He says will happen, what is happening, and what has happened, is a great provoker unto love and good works. I thank Thee, Lord, for provoking me!

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