Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Better-Body-Steward, Days 26-30

Wow! A month has passed already since starting my journal of being a "better-body-steward." Time sure does fly! Today would be the 31st day, and I have already done my exercise routine. It is still the same. I still am finding more mobility, endurance, energy, flexibility, etc. I have also started noticing slight weight loss! I have even seen improvements in my BMI & such, since our scale gives those read-outs. Praise God! I am definitely going to keep up this pattern. Though I will not be regularly recording my fetes on here, I will record things from time to time. Please keep me in your prayers; they HAVE been helping! I know part of the success is by getting better at what we eat around here. Our pantry & refrigerator are not how they used to be. We have gotten even better at weeding out the junk. I find that my body desires fake sweets less and less, and that it desires the wholesome sweets more (fruits, honey). I still have to get into the habit of choosing those over what I have normally done, but I know God has me on the path of victory! Each day is a golden opportunity! God also has been shrinking my tummy. When I try to eat portions like I used to do, I am in a world of hurt. I do much better eating smaller, and more frequently. If I do have a regular meal, I try to eat even slower, ensuring that I pace myself and eat the right amount. Again, I have not perfected it, but I am on my way with the Lord! Coffee is becoming less and less desirable to me, even the frappuccinos. I was a poster child for the latter drinks! I still enjoy them, but am preferring chai and herbals teas, with honey (&, at times, milk). Mmm, gingerbread chai tea latte, anyone? :) Well, I must bid adieu for now. Thanks for keeping abreast of my journaling journey. I am so blessed with you all!

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